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Spenny shows off some letters he's pre-written to give to the people he will piss off as an apology. After he reads them out, two of his crew claim that the letter in and of itself pissed them off, giving Spenny two points. He then makes up a new and decidedly flimsy disguise with a blonde wig, mustache and sunglasses. Who Can Piss Off More People | Kenny vs Spenny Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Leanne. Age: 20. Its very tidy clean and full of nature you probably won't see to often inside someone's residence This area is near several sketchy areas, but in and of of itself is ok. May 11, - In fact, there is a hand painted “No Pissing” sign that someone put up. The “No Pissing” sign did not help, however, my dogs did. The people that lived in the house previous to us did not have dogs. A gentleman came up to our fence right after we moved in and proceeded to do his business there – in broad. Casana. Age: 18. My e-mail: isabella An open letter to all the people that piss me off Don't H piss off the most powerful man in Hollywood. e's not a star or a studio head. He's not a director or producer. He's a lawyer. And he's over seventy years old. His name is Bert Fields. He's the most powerful man in Hollywood because if he sends someone a letter threatening to sue, the recipient of that letter is better off. Akers's secretary knocked on the door and told Henry that Lee Paton, the head of marketing in New York, was on the telephone and wanted to talk to him. Paton nearly climbed through the phone in anger. The letter was the fimal straw, he said. “You know, Curtis, you've pissed off half the people you deal with.” “Lee, my job.

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Kathy. Age: 22. *on time and NO Rush I wanted to piss some people off. Specifically, I wanted to piss off those people who kept complaining that women's writing was ruining science fiction. So at WisCon, a feminist science fiction convention, I announced the creation of the James Tiptree Jr. Memorial Award. We planned to finance the award through bake. Good God almighty, I pissed off the girls of the state. I was dog shit with Citadel graduates. I have rarely pissed off people like I did with this one. I got a lot of letters to the editor saying I was an asshole. I was called so many things by so many people. But no one is more used to that. At book signings the Citadel guys would. WE'LL SEND GLITTER TO THE PEOPLE YOU HATE. Glitter as a Service: want to piss off someone you dislike for only $? Let us send them some stupid glitter that is guaranteed to go everywhere.


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