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Jan 17, - I Saw A Girl Peeing In The Pool : A true, personal story from the experience, I Always Pee In The Swimming Pool. This truly happened many years ago when I was 16 or so. I was on holiday with my friends in a water theme park in Holland. A lot of pools and slides and so on. At that time my hormones were. A Wetting Fantasy, a general fiction | FictionPress Avril. Age: 24. My name is Angela and I am local in Cleveland! I see white men only! Sorry but that is a personal preference! Call or text, my number is on my photos! I am VERY SEXY in person!!!! Give me a try, I am always available in CLEVELAND! What they don't know is that i always invite over some of my cousins - male and female. Dec 1, - Hey, Does anyone know any stories about mothers peeing in kiddy pools wjile supervising children or any other peeing in the pool stories for that matter. I still couldn't help my self but think about this beautiful girl ******* infront of me but again I told my self that she was a good girl and she's just enjoying. Rosina. Age: 23. My name is Madison and i'm 5'4 115lbs, 34B half Latin & half Caucasian 22yrs old, VERY clean and WELL groomed!!! I Saw A Girl Peeing In The Pool... Women peeing in the pool or bodies of water is one of my favorite topics. It's pretty much the only Or it could even be as simple as a girl you know that admitted she pees in the pool all the time. Anything remotely too let me know! I'll share some of the stories I have of exes and some of my friends:) 0  [Female] An Embarrassing Day at the Pool - Fiction and. Mar 6, - On the second day, on the second dive, I had to pee really really bad. I had to pee the whole entire dive. But listen, after 32 years of telling your body "Don't pee in the pool!" it's really hard to revert back to "it's OK now, go ahead and pee in the pool". When we were almost finished, and approaching Reef.

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Wiska. Age: 21. It would be pleasure for me to share a dinner with you, an evening ))) Posts about pee in the pool written by TargetMom. When I was in high school, we didn't have enough money to have a pool membership, so I would lay out in the back yard on top of a picnic table with a sprinkler to keep me cool. When I got really . They are so depressing – stories of loss, pain, cruelty of mankind. I knew this woman before but never have opportunities to "test" her peeing behaviour before. i too enjoying reading about "open" stories. however, i dont know if i've ever seen any examples. while taking care of a friends pool when they were out of town i once stood on the side and peed into it. and on. Jun 24, - The time I was punched in the face by a girl 3 FEET shorter than me (in front of half my high school).The time an 8-year-old I do not, do NOT, condone peeing in pools, but this was one of those times where I just couldn't hold it, and I couldn't stand the idea of doing all of that relocating. So, as I was holding.


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