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Sep 24, - I just had sex with my new boyfriend for the first time. He is used to having sex without a condom and now that he is using one he says its harder to have an orgasm because its different. I dont want to feel like I'm not satisfying him. What should I do? Heather Corinna replies: Exactly what you're doing. Condoms suck. So do STIs. Here's how to make it work | North by Northwestern Tommie. Age: 20. My name is malannye I can't seem to reach an orgasm and my boyfriend wares out before I ever get there And if you don't get this feeling your sex must not be too great! Jan 12, - In this case, partners can help by eroticising the donning of condoms. There are also many non-insertive ways to orgasm, so give your girlfriend an orgasm, then remove the condom and enjoy a safe finish without it. It is easy to get stuck in a rut of following the same sexual pattern every time, so never be. Lindsey. Age: 29. Beautiful well educated cultured It's harder for him to orgasm with condoms, so what do I do? Also im wondering if im hooked on porn and **** or if im too nervous. THe girl said i need to learn how to relax. I really think its the condom though because i don't think i could even bust using my hand im wondering if i need to just go a week without even so much as touching my dick let aloneĀ  How many of you can cum while wearing a condom. I'm 21 years old & I don't have any problems whilst I masturbate. On the other hand if I have sex without a condom I cum every time! im not having fun" attitude in the back of your head! used to take me ages to cum wearing one but then my girfriend at the time started putting on the condom for me, so like.

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Jayla. Age: 24. 100% real beauty or my time is FREE! Amazing time is Guarenteed! Maybe try more positions or try once without a condom, but many many females have never had an orgasm. It just depends on the guy and how he works himself in all honesty. But once you come you'll more than likely have an orgasm soon, so just don't hold back when you feel like you're going to pee and you might cum. Mar 29, - Now have an orgasm. Trivial, right? Wait, when you try, it doesn't want to stick up and be hard? That's no excuse for men. Damn stupid men. They should wear a condom, dammit! They just don't understand the important. So stop whining. Put the finger cot on. What, it doesn't fit? Shut up. Didn't that guy put the condom on hisĀ  He says he can't ejaculate/orgasm when he is wearing a condom. Is. Apr 5, - No matter my partner when i have a condom on i'd say 90% of the time i can't cum. Its not that i lose a full erection its not that i'm not stimulated I just can't finish. Now this can work wonders for women, although going at it minutes in a single session wipes me out, its sort of unsatisfying to just have to.


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