Starting with childhood, the student can discuss what he remembers of his earliest year Is immigration good for the migrants themselves? If possible, interview one of these immigrants. Padre Leo often uses popular song lyrics to communicate his message to parishioners. What is the overall attitude about this act?

If possible, interview one of these immigrants. Titles for consideration may include: Along the way, he encounters gangs and bandits, but learns new survival skills that help him when he successfully crosses the border on his eighth try. Trace the different names given to the train. In six pages the deceptiveness of appearances is examined in a consideration of the journeys each of these short story protagonist

Is it good for the countries from which they are migrating? Hence, Enrique was forced to earn a living by offering to wash cars. A Conceptual Metaphor for Life jiurney the journey chronologically. In addition, the encampment is populated with hardened criminals and drug users.

What advice would they give to new immigrants who are fopics with adjusting to a new culture? How did they decide to come to your state and community? Is it good for the United States and its citizens?

enriques journey essay topics

How is her life more stable than his? Why does their friendship end? In this regard, Enrique would need at least pesos to make two calls.


enriques journey essay topics

In five pages these plays are compared and analyzed in a consideration of irony and expectation as well as appearance versus reali An Analysis of Heroism and the Journey in Star Wars An eight page research paper considering the literary concept of the hero’s journey in this classic science fiction film by direct Finally, what do immigrants think we can learn from them?

New to eCheat Create an Account! What sparked the idea for the book? She has been named among the most influential Latinos by Hispanic Business magazine and among 40 women who changed the media business in the past 40 years by Columbia Journalism Review.

Therefore, the people in Nuevo Laredo are evil due to their vices and lack enriquex compassion. Titles for consideration may include: Also available in a handy-dandy PDF handout below.

Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario – Teacher’s Guide – : Books

What is the role of grandmothers? Some civilians also brandish machetes as they seek out illegal migrants. What are the gray areas of the issue? What motivates Enrique to stay in joirney United States? However, the evil nature of the people at the border is manifested through the fact that they cannot lend him any money.


enriques journey essay topics

The discussion and activities in this guide are aligned with Common Core Standards and offer an opportunity for discussion and analysis of the diverging opinions that people have about immigration. Trace the different names given to the train. How does she call upon her religion to get through her darkest moments with Enrique?

Nazario, who grew up in Kansas and in Argentina, has written extensively from Latin America and about Latinos in the U. She is a freelance writer joufney free speech advocate. Have students write about why people might have different views on immigration and how that can affect how people are treated.

Consider using symbols and very few words to describe the information in the brochure. Instruct them to use direct quotes from the book to support their thoughts.

Essays on Enrique’S Journey

How does it contribute to her failure as a student? Debate whether Enrique is surprised by the brutal attacks on migrants. Discuss the value of family in the Latino culture.