The net result is politics is, ultimately, criminalised. The second component of criminalisation of politics is ‘muscle power’. In this situation there has arisen the necessity of regulatory commission and the administrative system of India has done that job. The Independent Regulatory Commission is an important weapon at the hands of the administration to control the economic and other activities of the various service providers. Various pressure tactics are used to get votes. Sign up for our Daily newsletter. The Indian society is in transition.

In recent years the necessity of setting up of such commissions has increased several times. Broader governance will have to improve for voters to reduce the reliance on criminal politicians. Expensive election campaigning favours candidates with strong financial background. As a result, misuse of political power takes place by the national representatives. However, even after more than six decades since independence the lives of common people have worsened, to say the least. The net result is politics is, ultimately, criminalised.

The great founders of Indian nation-state thought of an independent bureaucracy.

Essay – Criminalisation of Politics

The awareness should increase by imparting proper ln with moral education criminalieation from the home to the school and college levels.

The concept of ‘Committed Bureaucracy’ has metamorphosis into ‘Sycophant bureaucrats’, dancing at the tunes of their political masters. Un-development, illiteracy, poverty and prismatic nature of Indian social system are collectively responsible for the criminalisation of politics. Particularly for the purpose the necessity of regulatory commission has been felt.

He uses politics or political power to achieve this. There is very little faith in India in the efficacy of the democratic process in actually delivering good governance. It is the duty of a responsible government, with the aim of ensuring welfare, to see that the citizens are not deprived of their legitimate due and other privileges.


Majority of the voters are polltics, purchasable. Less qualified and inefficient civil servants get promotion. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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The most important cause of criminalisation of politics is the unholy nexus between politicians and bureaucracy. Esssay that sense, at the centre stage of democracy lies people. In every election all parties without exception put up candidates with a criminal background.

Expensive election campaigning favours candidates with strong financial background. Essential Features of Indian Administrative System. Behind this both money and muscle power is directly involved According to ADR and National Election watch NEW the criminal activities of the members of national parties are really beyond imagination.

The purpose of the Supreme court is to free Indian politics from crimes and the recent judgment aims at this. A few years ago our parliament was in storm on this issue.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

To gain something not legal or normal has been called crime. Corruption Perception Index has ranked India as 76th.

It has been found that a minister of a particular caste or religion will distribute favour to ib members of his own caste and religion. Contents What is the meaning of Criminalization of Politics? The lure of power is the criminalisatiin factor why people want to enter politics.


The Supreme Court on Wednesday The primary sacrifice at the altar of criminalisation is that of governance, along with transparency and accountability. Criminalisation of politics is the penetration of criminals in the field of politics.

Our elections involve a lot of black money and it is this factor which has led to criminalisation of politics. It means that the parties do not give due importance to this black spot. The commitment to serve the people, which is the foundation stone of democracy is declining. Plato built up this model for the construction of his ideal state. Want to share anything with us? If the judgment of the highest Court is implemented most of the parties will face severe crisis-crisis of existence.

Letter to your father describing how you are helping the household in his absence, Informal letter for Class 9, Class 10, Class In fact in USA, the federal government plays minimum role in administrative system and in providing various services. Money and muscle power should be curtailed from politics.

The chief aim was to control the private enterprises which provide all sorts of public utility services.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india