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Jul 14, - The best way to begin anal exploration is with your own touch. Many of us have hang-ups about anal sex because of the proximity to feces that it involves. In practice avoiding feces during anal sex is easier than you think. Using latex or nitrile gloves is the easiest way to keep your anal play safe and clean. Anal Bleaching at Home: The Definitive DIY Guide Leonora. Age: 22. Hello gentlemen, I'm 18 years old Another thing is that, its components are actually built to whiten the skin. Dec 17, - Unless you're already prairie doggin' it before starting anal play, your fingers are not going to come into contact with a big ol' turd. The worst-case scenario You can also conduct your first anal experiments in the shower, where quick cleanup is easy. Your own fingers are the best place to start. You have. Brenda. Age: 26. i'm a sexy and well educated high-class lady located in zurich and munich, but i can meet you in any city in the world. Anal Masturbation for Beginners Jul 7, - The key to enjoying anal sex, Van Kirk said, is being comfortable with your body and what feels good to you. Her first tip? Try it on your own. “I usually suggest women start by incorporating anal play into masturbation using lube and either their fingers or a gloved finger or some sort of anal toy,” she said. Jan 5, - It's worth exploring your anus on your own first. Check out our article on beginners butt play for some tips. Even if you don't love your experience with solo anal play, it's worth asking a partner to take a trip to your anus. Anal play can feel a lot better when someone else is performing the deed. If you feel.

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Mckenzie. Age: 28. Contact Whats App only;) People always notice other people's butts, usually without even knowing what their own looks like – unless you're a bendy Cirque du Soleil gymnast or something. Since the risks of getting your ass bleached in a spa are so high, the demand for anal whitening treatments is off the charts – and is predicted to grow even. Jump to Different Ways to Naturally Whiten your Anus at Home - That's why these fruits have landed a spot in our do-it-yourself anal bleaching guide. These fruits impact hyper-pigmentation, so squeeze the fruit to extract the juice, then apply to the skin around your anus using a cotton ball. You could also rub a slice of. Apr 23, - We're wiling to bet your sex ed didn't even attempt to discuss anal sex. That area of your butt has a lot of nerve endings, says Van Kirk, which is why it can be pleasurable for anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a .. And there's no reason you can't experiment with anal play on your own.


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