System How do groynes at x affect the sediment budget along the coast? An effective questionnaire contains a mixture of closed and open questions: Measure in at least three heights along the beach profile for each groyne. Rubbish bins provision Effectiveness: Rip-rap or rock armour is often used as a technique of coastal defence. This creates significant environmental problems, such as water and coastline pollution as well as birds eating plastic rubbish and then suffering. Risk mapping Flood risk at a coastal location can be quantified by taking into account the likelihood of flooding occuring and the severity of a breach or overtopping of sea defences.

The sediment sample is placed in the top sieve then the sieves are shaken to sort the sediment into the various sieves. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Select pebbles of different shapes and sizes from the beach. The mean score for the safety index is 3,58, which indicates some issues of safety. Christchurch and Commercial roads rarely have patrolling officers. The simplest way to record pebble shape is to classify the stone as very angular, angular, sub-angular, sub-rounded, rounded or very rounded using a Power’s Scale of Roundness. The measurement technique used depends on the size of the sediments.

This may lead to areas of land being lost to the sea Hold geogrraphy line Keep the coastline at its present position. Here are a few suggestions: The sieves are arranged in decreasing mesh diameter with the largest at the top.


At each location, tally the number of different types of land use found. Secondary data sources 1.

gcse geography coursework example coasts

Split the line into segments where the slope angle changes. Sample a representative number of locations behind the coastal defences. The measurement technique used depends on the size of the sediments. Use waterproof paint to mark each pebble. Hard-core versus Recreational Golf Tourists. Using a protractor or concentric circle card, measure the minimum radius of curvature.

You can compare a series of groynes along a length of beach. Skip to main content. Resilience Courseworm resilient is the coast at settlement x to changing weather patterns associated with climate change? Bi-polar analysis Questionnaires Cost-benefit analysis. Bournemouth’s coastal and urban environments are largely shaped by tourist demands. A possible fieldwork location: Use secondary data to find the rock type used and its density.

gcse geography coursework example coasts

Rip-rap volume and weight measurements Rip-rap or rock armour is often used as a technique of coastal defence.

But there have been critics, such as the local MP, who has called the project ” Disney for ducks “. You do not have to take any sediments from the beach to the lab.

Geography Coursework- Coasts

Length of coastline shown is approx 3km. Provision of rubbish bins near the beach Costs: Young and elderly constitute the gcxe of tourists in Bournemouth. Most areas of the park are overlooked and incidents happened as close as 50 metres away from chatting policemen. What coastal management strategies are used?


Some data were collected using questionnaires, so people could give incomplete or false answers. News reports and recent research articles provide cuorsework themes around which you can ask geographical questions.

I would like to thank the following: Evening buses going into Bournemouth CBD experience particular pressure and reach level 4 see illustration Please rank the following statements from 1 most important to 6 least important.

Gcse Geography Coursework Coasts – Geography Fieldwork

This seems to suggest that Western Sectors should be more popular with visitors. Help Center Find new research papers in: Observations suggested that most activities on the beach have a positive, peaceful or unknown mix.

Alcohol checking points and barriers to enter the Pier and beach area Costs: Here is an example. Measure the angle of rest of the boulder – georaphy the widest facing facing straight into the waves, or does it lie at an angle?