T urner , Patricia A. Seeing the distinctiveness of the Jewish-Arab contexts in Detroit paradoxically demanded considering the connections to the Middle East in another set of global relationships. I was not shocked […] But the other people around the table, especially the fathers […] were very uncomfortable. Personally, I was a new mother myself, and, professionally, I was motivated by the exciting combination of feminism and folklore re-energizing folklore studies Farrer, ; Hollis, et al. In some versions of the legend, the summoner must say, “Bloody Mary, I killed your son! In spite of myself, I had taken gendered contexts into consideration in both describing the narrative and ritualized situations and in interpreting their general meaning as I saw it.

Suomalainen Academia Scientiarum Fennica. Death and Suicide Series. Bloody Mary in Supernatural In 1. E llis , Bill, , Lucifer Ascending: Narrative Use of a Deviant Woman. Rumor and Legend and the Reluctant Field Researcher.

C arrollMichael P.

Bloody Mary (urban legend)

Later, in essy official reports of the riot, the rumor in the black community only was said to have caused the rioting, subsequent loss of life and property damage, an instance of the asymmetry of power relations. What he was doing, of course, was walking across part of her private graveyard Langlois, Bloomington, Indiana University Press.

Upon her urging, I drove up with several other students from the Bloomington, Jqnet campus to Indianapolis to attend a Psychic Fair there one fall day in October. Jordan and Kalcik, In folklore and children’s street vloody, “Bloody Mary” is a game in which a ghost of the same name or sometimes other names, such as “Mary Worth” is said to appear in a mirror when summoned.


Although I did not interview any psychic healers then, I did strike up a conversation with a young African-American woman, Gia, then 12 years old, who was also attending.

Bloody Mary Legend

F ineGary Alan,Manufacturing Tales: Intimate field research began with considering a single in-depth qualitative interview with a woman I knew well as maey valid data base for analysis. Yet I built a case that local dimensions of the rumor network needed to be kept in mind by researchers so that the analyses of local difference could be interwoven into the discussions of the mqry reach of the World Wide Web.

It ultimately rested on the importance of extra-textual features in specific settings paroles. Journal of Women in Culture and Society 8. L angloisJanet L.

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K lintbergBengt af. Her fieldwork notes gave me comparative material that was very useful in tracing changing attitudes toward the mass murderess, and in tracing shifts from personal experience narratives to family stories to community legends. Many cultures have children’s games for summoning spirits.

Perhaps team research, the ideal with which I began this confession about oral literature and ethnography, is already here in many wssay. It was one of the first anti-gay, blame-the-victim narratives I had heard in which a young man who works in a Burger King fast food franchise, had learned that he had contracted AIDS.

M orinEdgar,Rumor in Orleans. Utah State University Press: She noted how their lives ended because their mother was linguistically and behaviorally inept, and she could not accept the maternal negligence of which the stories warned.


Journal of American Folklore. Personally, I was a new mother myself, and, professionally, I was motivated by the exciting combination of feminism and folklore re-energizing folklore lanhlois Farrer, ; Hollis, et al. Utah State University Press.

janet langlois bloody mary essay

The continued boycott of the Sheik Restaurant can be seen as misplaced anger…, but even langloi, as a disturbing reminder of the intricate connections between here and there, a supplemental pattern of social conflict that resists premature healing, even as all the attempts to end it must continue. Myth and Ritual Subdued.

In stories where Mary is supposed to have been wrongly accused of killing her children, the querent might say “I believe in Mary Worth. Mirrors were also covered whenever a person died in a particular room to avoid the spirit from being trapped in the house. However, many scholars who review the story make note of the many elements that can be traced back to earlier myths and superstitions.

T uckerElizabeth and L angloisJanet L.

janet langlois bloody mary essay

T angherliniTimothy R. The combination of dizziness, rapid movement and flickering lighting could easily fool the eye into seeing someone, especially when the idea has already been implanted. B ennettGillian,Bodies: In the first case Langlois, BoM See also Mirror Folklore.