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Apr 29, - You shouldn't care about what others think of you. I mean if you are happy with how you look, then don't let anyone change your mind about it. You shouldn't try to look like a model, because they are skin and bones. Everyone has a little chub, even I do. DO NOT eat less, that could end up being very bad. Why do people think it's ok to be fat/obese? | Yahoo Answers Shione. Age: 26. We Spanish girls like to take our time when we are doing things that we love and you will know that I LOVE spending a lot of time with you because there are so many incredible ways that I like to share with you my very special sexy ideas and spoil you with some slow and sexy loving XXXXXX Sweetheart let me tell you that not all men like skinny girls this simply is not true. I guess that's a little chubby, but if it looks good on you and people say its cute then it is perfectly OK. Valerie. Age: 21. Ebony Goddess Maddix James Here for your satisfaction and discretion Honestly, is it okay to be a little chubby? Mar 31, - Its perfectly normal to be a little chubby, even at You are still growing and will most likely fill out/ spread that weight to look thin. If you are just chubby because you are overeating, then try and cut down and have a well balanced diet rather then lots of fast food/junk food. That can also help with your self. Jul 8, - I would consider it to be ok as long as it doesn't interfere with your fitness. I would say pounds of fat is alright, but you just want to make sure you have enough muscle in your body so you can at least walk up a couple flights of stairs without sweating like Niagara Falls. If you can run 1 mile in less than.

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September. Age: 29. x x x monique Nov 1, - Chubby is fine. If you want a better body, start exercising. Go for a power walk, do yoga, zumba, weights, etc. Exercise is a benefit to any life style. Plus you will see results in 1 month! It's best not to strive for the perfect body. Instead strive for a very healthy and strong body. I changed this attitude at age Mar 2, - Honestly, most girls like a guy that has a little tummy and such. If you're bigger than us, we adore you. I personally like it when a guy is a bit chubby because I don't like really toned guys and because I'm on the chubbier side, I don't feel terrible. Jun 25, - Chubby is fine, what your probably lacking is self-confidence.


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