Sperm whale versus shark

What? you didn't think PsycoSpot Battles had aqua Fighters too? Do Whales Eat Sharks? Franceska. Age: 29. I am Anny if you want to experience the real thing, delivered hit pleasure just call me!!!guaranteed hygiene and privacy!!!!!if i can''t answer just will de glad to see you and to have fun together And we have proven quite good at it too. Some of the sharks that have been recorded being hunted by killer whales include hammerheads, makos, great whites, threshers and whale sharks. As far as As far as we know sperm whales hunt squid (not sharks) however on very rare instances it is possible that they may end up swallowing a shark or its body parts. Diamond. Age: 21. For more information call me ! Great White Shark v Killer Whale: The two deadliest sea titans are now waging war on each other He kept going on how Sperm Whales could sink boats with its huge head and teeth and a swish from its tail can cause lots of damage concorsoippico.info ruled out attacks from giant squids and great white sharks would cause mere pin pricks on a huge whale of tons maybe this is true but he made the mistake that. May 15, - For years scientists believed both killer whales and great white sharks were utterly untouchable at the top of the food chain but now they're locked in a fierce There are only two predators alive that are bigger than killer whales – the sperm whale and the giant squid. The Great White v the Killer Whale.

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August. Age: 28. Singaporean Chinese Shemale Apr 30, - I did see the video and it is quite astonishing. I have spent many years at sea studying whales and dolphins, and killer whales in particular, and I have only seen this behavior once (see the above links). It has rarely been observed and never before filmed so I was quite interested in seeing the available. Apr 24, - Highly intelligent and social, the black-and-white marine mammals hunt in packs, launching coordinated attacks on other whales and sharks, and even wave-wash seals off Antarctic On April 18, a half-dozen orcas battled a pod of sperm whales off the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Orca V. Sperm Whale.


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