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Before I joined this forum, i was scared shitless of going to the dentist. And the occasion I was forced to, was a painful experience. Now, after reading so many wonderful thoughts and experiences here, I think I do have a fetish for the dentist. The fact that my dentist is a young and rather good looking woman certainly helps! Dental fetish | Dated a dentist or hygienist? 1/1 Vanessa. Age: 24. Hi I'm Amy, welcome to my ad Takes an innovative case study approach to sexual offender assessment and treatment, sharing practical insights and real-world experience in a challenging field Coverage is organized by key offender populations and includes bipolar offenders, child sexual abusers, Internet offenders, psychopathic offenders, personality disordered offenders and female offenders This distinctive approach aids trainee and novice workers to recognise key treatment issues, and plan and implement courses of therapeutic engagement and intervention to improve offender self-control Contributors include Bill Marshall, Leam Craig, Phil Rich, Bill Lindsay and Tony Ward. I have a fetish for tooth extraction. I even went to a dentist once and asked him if he would perform a full mouth extraction (he said no), and I spent another afternoon calling around until I found a female dentist (actually, the only way to go for me) whose receptionist said that she would probably be willing to perform the. Melanie. Age: 26. Hey, my name is Paulete (20, Vilnius) Dental Fetish: Exams,Treatments, Open Wide!! I have a fantasy similar to Allison. I would like a female dentist to sit me down in the chair and I want her to slowly give me nitrous. I want to be given just enough gas to make me very sleepy and relaxed but not asleep and I would feel the sensation of getting a novacaine shot in my mouth and can feel her working in my. Has anyone else gotten an erection while getting worked on at the dentist's office? I've had it happen to me a few times. At first it was embarrassing, now it's almost a part of my fetish/turn on towards being at the dentist. Last time it happened I was getting a cavity filled nad the dentist and her assistant.

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Gloria. Age: 30. In order to book me correctly I advise you to read my private page listed above in this directory samantha( It's also the reason why many women don't experience multiple orgasm when they possess the potential. So hang on in there even if the effort is killing you. STORY In case you think I'm joking, a Japanese dentist catered for his own particular fetish by lovingly biting a regular sample of his female dental patients every day. I remember consciously choosing a female dentist when I had the list of providers from the insurance company open in front of me. I didn't even consider male dentists as I went down the column of names. Why? What was I expecting? I don't have any specific fetish for dental tools or the general aesthetics of medical offices. I did go out with a girl when in my teens who did some part time work with a dentist. Apparently he was a family friend or something and that was how she got the job. However, she enjoyed the work but left it when she went to university. I remember her telling me of one drunken sailor who came to the.


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