Hence, the b examples above are correctly ruled out by our analysis. Russian poP two NP po tpo NP different boys po dva takes place, and each lexical item is pronounced in its syntactically merged position. Within the DbP approach adopted here, there is no distinction between overt and covert feature-checking. SG from regiment NEG arrived. For an alternative analysis, see Franks and Dziwirek , where it is argued that the genitive here is partitive. Two oft-quoted examples of verb alternations in English are the locative alternation, shown in and the dative alternation, in Unaccusative Mnogo travy naroslo v parke.

I argued that whenever first conjunct agreement occurs with post-verbal subjects of unaccusative predicates, the verb remains in its base-generated position and does not raise to T0. I have argued that AspP dominates vP in the functional hierarchy. Some of the earliest counterexamples to this formulation of BG come from Slavic. John gave the book to Mary. Structural Case-assignment rules are redundant and should not be represented in the lexicon. Jovan je istukao Petra. I also had the pleasure of working with Bob Freidin at Princeton.

This leaves the direct object with an unvalued Case feature.

Harves dissertation (MOPL# 21): abstract

A quick run through two of our unaccusativity diagnostics should reveal the underlying syntax of these predicates. However, V0 is clearly non- defective, evidenced by the accusative Case on the direct internal argument. V bassejne nikakogo rebenka ne plavaet. Jindra was not only a great advisor, but also a dear friend in the years that followed my dissertatino as a student at Michigan. Returning to our discussion from above, the PIC also requires that Phase-internal XPs raise to the edge Spec of the strong Phase if they need to undergo feature-matching with a Probe outside their minimal domain.


These data come from a detailed examination of distributivity in Russian, based on the English facts presented below. The reason for including these examples in the current discussion is to try to pinpoint the syntactic location of AspP with respect to NegP. Honestly, I expected a lot less noise at the library and it was the main reason I chose the location to do my dissertation writing.

Abby quickly became one of my closest friends in Princeton, and I was lucky enough to find stepphanie who could both make me laugh and make me think. If grammatical aspect were responsible for accusative Case-licensing, we might not expect both of the direct objects in 52 to bear accusative Case.

Unaccusative Syntax in Russian

He argues for a label-free derivational approach to sgephanie, where category labels such as NP or QP disseryation no status. Movement and Silence in the English have yet to Both are contained within the VP. Vasja pozapiral vse dveri. Given that some languages have overt verb movement, it is clearly necessary to permit the verb access to further functional projections at the next Phase level. These facts pattern together with the results of standard tests for verb-raising in Russian.

This fact will not affect my critique of her proposal in any way. And what happens to the nominative with unaccusative subjects?

stephanie harves dissertation

Terminal elements are supplied with phonological features only after Vocabulary insertion at Morphological Structure, i. I suggested above that unaccusative —sja is hosted by either a defective v0 in the case of passives and reflexive psych-predicates or by Asp0 in inchoatives.

Er wordt hier door de jonge lui veel gedanst. While there is a great deal of independent motivation for positing stephaniw Aspect Phrase in the syntax see SchoorlemmerYadroffit is unclear that its position in Russian should c-command NegP.


Marantz has convincingly argued in favor of an approach to syntax that abandons the strong Lexicalist Hypothesis.

stephanie harves dissertation

One way out of this dilemma would be to assume that all verbs are headed by light vP. We return to these facts in our discussion of Partee and Borschev below. Morphology and Argument Structure. Moreover, he adopts a radically yarves framework from the one assumed by Brown, namely, an approach relying on the Reichenbachian variables S peech time, E vent time, and R eference time.

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I will therefore assume that the object in these constructions constitutes dissertxtion the Target or Subject Matter of emotion. We will see that certain transitive, intransitive and copular predicates in Russian all share properties that are standardly used as diagnostics for unaccusativity.

Thus, I argue that these examples are in fact not counterexamples to the claim that only internal arguments may undergo GN, for here, they are internal arguments of copularized verbs, i. Genitive of negation is obligatory.

We will consider just one class of these predicates here. To distinguish each and every from other universal quantifiers throughout their discussion, they refer to them as Distributive Quantifier Phrases DQPs.

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