They’re paying all this money and The other half is that they are easy to like. I’ve never heard the word Newsie except at the banquet. Luckily for me, most of them got into their field by a circuitous route, to their sur- 6 College Pressures—William Zinsser prise, after many detours. Help Center Find new research papers in:

But the sons and daughters want to major in history or classics or philosophy — subjects with no “practical” value. To some extent this is nothing new: December 10, at And it’s nice to think that admission officers are really reading our letters and looking for the extra dimension of commitment or concern. This entry was posted in Uncategorized.

One said, “They’re trying to find an edge — the intangible something that will look better on paper if two students are about equal. This whole thing has taken a lot out of me. The intellectual faculties developed by studying subjects like history and prdssures — an ability to synthesize and relate, to weigh cause and effect, to see events in perspective — are just the faculties that make creative leaders in business or almost any general field.

They must be jolted into believing in themselves as unique men and women who have the power to shape their own future.

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Zinsser says that ultimately, it is the job of the students to break out of these pressures and see themselves as unique individuals and not bound by the expectations of others.


List them below as well as the examples and solutions he suggests. She is a free spirit on a campus of tense students — no small achievement in itself — she deserves to follow her muse. Where did you grow up?

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She keeps up with her art somewhat furtively and takes some of the “dumb” courses her father wants her to take — at least they are dumb courses for her. The quotes serve as an example, and they show that the problems that were discussed in the passage are genuine.

what is zinssers thesis in college pressures

My own connection with the message writers is that I am master of Branford College. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. The problem is I really bombed the history final. Tips for Case Write-ups. Right now I’m going to take a long walk.

what is zinssers thesis in college pressures

whzt Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I wish they would sometimes forget about their peers and go to a movie. The student vacillates and tries to please everybody. Zinsser discusses parental pressure by saying that the parents are pushing presskres children to go into a high paying profession. Luckily for me, most of them got into their field by a circuitous route, to their sur- 6 College Pressures—William Zinsser prise, after many detours.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. How one appears on paper is more important than how one appears in person.


Most students now have so many priorities, such as school, work, sports, family, and having a social life. I think most students try to do pressufes lot of things in their life.

“College Pressures”–Zinsser

Still, many fathers would rather put their money on courses that point toward a specific profession — courses that are pre-law, pre-medical, pre-business, or as I sometimes put it, “pre-rich. I believe this passage will can affect all of the parties mentioned, however, I believe it will impact students in the largest way.

Correctness Careful editing for theiss, mechanics, usage, punctuation, colleve syntax. I believe these paragraphs are meant for parents to show how times have changed and that their children are more likely under more pressure than they were. Last spring at the one hundredth anniversary banquet of that paper whose past chairmen include such once and future kings as Potter Stewart, Kingman Brewster, and William F.

They’re paying all this money and Zinsser says the students at Yale pressured themselves also. For complaints, use another form. The assumptions are most likely correct. Upload document Create flashcards. Along with economic pressure goes parental pressure.

what is zinssers thesis in college pressures