Anonymous 22 October at This risk is increased by earthquakes. Anonymous 13 April at Freddie Kreuger 3 October at Three Gorges Dam China.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Currently, the Yangtze river is a breathtaking collection of cliffs and mountains. Another major problem is lack of land: Anonymous 27 August at Advantages It protects 2. Anonymous 24 January at

Currently, the Gorgds river is a breathtaking collection of cliffs and mountains. Another major problem is lack of land: Thousands of construction jobs were created during the building of the dam.

Geography: the Three Gorges Dam (China)

Advantages It protects 2. I has got a f in igcse! Provides water to urban areas and for sstudy. Acid rain caused by the generators has affected a third of China’s population. The Chinese government is adamant about the fact that people will be better off in the resettlement.

3 gorges dam case study gcse geography

Anonymous 22 October at It gorgse financial loss by floods Geogrxphy creates jobs for the locals It generates a lot of China’s power thanks to its hydro-electric power generators It facilitates shipping and therefore trade as the water levels have risen, meaning that the bottoms of the ships won’t scrape the bottom of the channel. Corruption within the government means that the dam was built instead of creating homes. It will divert money from other developments.


Freddie Kreuger 3 October at Anonymous 3 October at Major Relocations The world’s largest dam will flood over 62, acres of farmland, 13 major cities, large, and hundreds of small villages along the river’s banks, necessitating the evacuation and relocation of over one million people. But it is engineered to withstand an earthquake of 7. Control flooding downstream of the gcsf.

This risk is increased by earthquakes. Anonymous 12 April at It will also “desecrate some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet, and drown thousands of archaeological and cultural sites,” writes Arthur Fisher in Popular Science.

3 gorges dam case study gcse geography

Anonymous 8 January at Although better wages are one of the Chinese government’s promises to those being relocated, they ignore the fact that these people will then have to adapt to new ways of life and new forms of employment. Coffins hang in caves high up on the mountain cliffs, ancient writings cover the walls, and beautiful natural scenery abounds – all the be submersed by the dam reservoir.

Much of the land used for resettlement is over m above sea level, where the climate is colder and the soil can barely support farming. In total, it shouldn’t have been created as it overall had a bad effect on China. Michael Cernea of the World Bank and Dr.

Three Gorges Case Study

China will be able to bring 10, ton ocean going vessels all the way inland, km up to the city of Chongqing. Anonymous 13 April at Anonymous 29 November at Anonymous gorgss August at It costs a lot of money to build and to maintain While it helps traffic near the dam, further away, the risk of flooding has increased.


Anonymous 16 March at Due to the remoteness and underdevelopment of the Three Gorges area, little has been done to protect and excavate the roughly cultural relics which the dam reservoir will obliterate. The Yangtze River is the third largest river in the world, earning it its Chinese name, Chang-chiang, which means “long river.

3 gorges dam case study gcse geography

There has been tremendous protest in other parts of the world regarding the construction geograpgy the dam. Really helped but I think you mean 1. Disadvantages If the dam breaks, then homes, factories and other establishments would be completely destroyed by the overpowering amount of water flooding them.