A similar thing happened to me today..! Haha, you shouldn’t believe what you read on the internet? And the BBB rating has nothing to do with Amway as a business opportunity. Wished people at the meetings would call them out on this. He asked me what I was studying and he seemed like a very nice guy, I replied computer engineering and he said he was also in the tech industry.

It is the pro Amway people who don’t post honest comments. When i met him i realised that it should be a fraudulent stuff. I also feel sorry for that guy because he got forced to chose to be innocent rather than learning from it. This all seemed like an interesting business plan. What did you learn from system, forget about Amway?. I’m glad you found this blog helpful. Someone who is actually exposed to what the company does?

It was just so weird to me and a major turn off. Are you aware Amway owns the Orlando Magics they play in the amway arena, they own a children hospital, the bww corporation donates money to about 5 different charities every year plus the Ibo offer their time with some like Easter seals. They have also called Avon and Shacklee cult’s too. The free ride is temporary. People in this “business” mainly earn through these paid seminar, books ,CD’s. C to stay in a hotel for about 3 days, mealss and all including and not one cent more.

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I work for a very large company and within the last year have seen from over in my co. By the bsuiness, the money is not made overnight, you earn it through genuine sales. You got wonderful brain dear admin Ask yourself plna question are your friends or family members where they are in life, where you want to be.


I bet you’re a new IBO taking losses but also believing everything your upline tells you. The meeting itself was not very informative and I was still in the dark until I found this website.

I am a very cautious and skeptical person so it was easy for me to identify that this is a scam. And he gave him the pitch about how this company BWW bw totally changed his life.

amway india bww business plan

It is the pro Amway people who don’t post honest comments. You can ask the guys this service to prepare it for you.

amway india bww business plan

Why wouldn’t I post your comment? If you want to make a point, you’ll have to make better arguments and provide some actual evidence.

amway india bww business plan

Why is Amway so expensive? How am I misleading anyone?

There is nothing wrong with hard work businfss I make my own dreams come true — not some BS company selling fake dreams. You are not a business owner by any means doing this. What this gentleman has posted is enough to know his mental subnormal capacities.

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You are anonymous loser incorporated or whatever else you call your scamway business. Amway is much harder that it appears. So who’s loosing know all you hater’s.


I havent joined this, nor did I lose any money. Thank you so much, JoeCool for caring enough about others like bsuiness who experienced the very same experience which clearly “smells” of a scam!

I have seen franchise business like Mc Donald’s go out of business and you invested millions, in amway it’s – 65 for your website, license and insurance the difference is for products for you to try or give as samples plus you have a 90 day trial with the tools and days money back guaranty on products. Just like this blog post, word for word everything is happening to me, minus the spending.

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This is because I have motivated my team members to sell too. In response to my very long comment from March 27th and in response to the anonymous writer of my comment Pig don’t know pigs stink. I can see big looser in you What busjness choose to take advantage of is your choice.

I was about to waste a few hours tomorrow. I can go on and on.