Thacker, Spink and Co. The book associated with the rituals and practices are recorded in a book called Min-mang Phuralung that teaches kindness and liberalism. Chumphra Printers and Publishers — via Google Books. This was true even for the priestly clans: Ahom religion , Theravda Buddhism.

This kind of Dam is propitiated in the house of the eldest member of the living generations. A History of Assam. Neo-Vaishnava priests were captured and killed, and their monasteries destroyed. The moidams still existing at Soraideu, which are uncannily similar in idea and structure to the Aegean Tholos tombs, are proof of the scale of a royal mortuary ritual. Empty spaces were filled with more low- reliefs of creepers and flower vases.

Descendants of the Ahom race still live in an atmosphere of cultural co-mingling — while they are mostly Vaishnava by religion, and use Assamese as the primary cawe, marriages are still performed in the ancient manner with a Tai priest officiating in Tai language. Cinema Joymoti – the first motion picture. There is a lot of affinities of a style of the living house.

Tai ahom religion a philosophical study PhD. However, attention to the North East of India has been consistently minimal, to say the least. This page was last edited on 20 Mayat The food habit is one of the important variables of the culture of Tai-Ahom. In general, the secular aristocratic clans, the priestly clans and the gentry clans did not intermarry.

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case study on ahoms

Views Read Edit View history. Eventually, the original Tai religion came to a complete end, being practiced only in pockets and by a minuscule populace9.


Dihingia, Sandikoi, Lahan acse Duarah. They have a well developed cosmogony around Lengdon, the lord of heaven; [47] a form of ancestor [48] called Phura-Tara-Along ; and since the 17th-century various local forms of Hinduism— Ekasarana dharma and Saktism.

BTLV, 2: In the past, the Tai Emperors, the Aboms kings or their representatives started for war or began their official tours only after performing the ritual of flowing the Khring Phu Ra.

Some of them even depict faunal life in the form of elephants, cattle and monkeys on branches.

Ahom people

The modern Ahom people and their culture are a syncretism of the original Tai and their culture [4] and local Tibeto-Burman peoples and their cultures they absorbed in Assam. Log In Sign Up.

The latest available census records slightly over 2 million Ahom individuals however, estimates of the total number of people descended from the original Tai-Ahom settlers are as high as eight million.

Sukaphaathe leader of the Tai group and his followers established the Ahom kingdom — Ahosmwhich controlled much of the Bramhaputra Valley in modern Assam until From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ahom religionHinduism This was true even for the priestly sgudy Like the thais, the ahoms prefers to take boiled food having little spices and directly burnt fish, meat and vegetable like brinjal, tomato etc.

Many of their original aspect of culture and lifestyle were preserved, while many others underwent obvious Hinduization, due to ahomd political, economic and social.

Remember me on this computer. Starting in the late 20th and continuing into the early 21st century, there has been renewed interest among the Ahoms in their culture and language leading to increased study and attempts at revival. In the initial phase, the band of in of Sukaphaa moved about for nearly thirty years and mixed with the local population.


Its usage declined during the reign of Swargadeo Rajeswar Singha, who ordered Sanskrisation. Ahom households worship the household deity, Sheng-ka-Pha a grandson of Khun-Theu-khamthe first created god[63] at the site of a pillar of the main house.

Ahom people – Wikipedia

The Ban or Ban Na is a unit composed of families that settled by the side of the rivers. The priestly families worship their ancestors caze a very clear way making different grades to each kind of Dam. The story of how Ahom-led armies fought against Muslim invaders has gained them a place in international history. According to chronicles kept by the Ahoms— Sukaphaaa Tai prince of Mong Maoaccompanied by his family, five nobles and many followers, mostly men, crossed the Patkai hills and reached the Brahmaputra valley in Thacker, Spink and Co.

It is a known fact of history that civilisations develop and grow through a process of intercultural dependency.

case study on ahoms

The entire palace, with its various rooms, is interconnected by passages.