Winton shows such values are wanting, but. No joke, it took his breath away to see them go at it. The second paragraph continues that idea in relation to other characters. We are ready to represent the best custom paper writing assistance that can cope with any task like Cloudstreet “loss and gain” even at the eleventh. Myths — those jostling, often contradictory stories the nation and its peoples tell themselves, again and again — are worked and reworked here. How does Shakespeare present ideas about mortality and mercy in Measure for Measure?

To what extent are the characters in No Sugar mere stereotypes? Even if these are raised in a particular context, they are issues which have long concerned people and which remain unresolved for many, or are still contended today. The two families, initially hostile to each other, eventually form relationships with each other. How does Shakespeare present ideas about mortality and mercy in Measure for Measure? The myths of Australian identity are not simply re-told in this novel, but are seen through the psychologies, actions and relationships of individual and intimately drawn characters; characters who readers obviously care about. Debbie Bouwer on This blog has retired —…. Cloudstreet shows that the supernatural is a normal, every day experience that enables us to find out who we are and where we belong.

In the film Mabo, the land becomes floudstreet major character because of its significance. The tragedy of the Holocaust brought out the best and worst of people. To find creatives in English Resources and Sample High Scoring Responsesscroll down to Samples – Creating and Presenting Context Examples, and try any of the titles that say ‘creative’ the heading, like encountering conflict or whose reality is the general area, like Discovery.


To begin with, the phenomenon of the marvelous presupposes faith. As Quick wrestles with his hooks and bait, and with his own guilt and fear, having no good luck with either, something unexpected begins to happen: Frequent use of quotes which can be applied to other prompts.

cloudstreet hsc essay questions

Medea’s sense of justice is warped by the society she lives in. Yes, this scene is in the utopian genre; but it arguably is not contained within this generic boundary.

Carolyn Flores on Top Language Blogs —…. You will see I have substantially rearranged the body paragraphs and have attempted to group them around particular topics. Still have no idea what a thesis statement is?

cloudstreet hsc essay questions

I’m worried about connections between texts and that my last paragraph isn’t long enough. In Cloudstreet tragedy and grief are overcome by hope and forgiveness. February 01, Cloudstreet is as much an historical text as it is spiritual. How is cultural identity represented in Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet? Through Maus, Art Spiegelman shows us that the demons of the Holocaust will haunt us forever. These texts each portray several levels of discovery that define the characters and plotline, they can be compared and contrasted which develops a further understanding of the idea of discovery.

Neil on This blog has retired —…. As in, I didn’t realise you were about to explain it. Mala says that Vladek is floudstreet attached to objects than he is to people.


Hi Ned Nerb, Thanks so much for this service, you’re a legend! The film is not just about racism.

cloudstreet hsc essay questions

The third paragraph raises the idea of social class, but in a somewhat quesfions rather than analytical way. The novel is fascinated with the myth-making propensity of Australians: So some feedback would be really appreciated.

cloudstreet hsc essay questions

Down in the yard at Cloudstreet, down there in the halls and channels of time Fish and the pig exchange glances. How does Jack Davis use character alongside dramatic techniques to communicate the dominant attitudes of the social and historical context in which the play is set?

The strong links that Fish has with spiritual forces are emphasised by duality of his character Two sides of his identity were split asunder by his mother determination that he would not drown.

To what extent does Perkins suggest that the Mabo decision was more significant for Australia than for Eddie Mabo personally? Maus shows that surviving is sometimes worse than dying.

They work well in keeping the reader interested, ewsay, I think there’s a bit too much ambiguity. Select two texts for HSC students to study and explain reasons for selection. But then there is Fish.

cloudstreet hsc essay questions

Medea is the true victim in Euripides’ play. You were always a hateful bitch.