Foreign Minister of Greece — Dimitris Vitsas Shipping and Island Policy: Uncalled saviors who think that they can determinate life and death. Tsipras won a seat on the Municipality of Athens council by virtue of him being first on the Syriza list. Venizelos 2 Svolos 2 G. Pavlos Polakis Environment and Energy: He joined the Communist Youth of Greece in the late s and in the s was politically active in student protests against education reform plans, becoming the movement’s spokesperson.

Retrieved 16 October Archived from the original on 17 July Views Read Edit View history. The speech was given in English to a German audience and intended to be listened to throughout Europe. On 13 January , Greece Defence Minister Panos Kammenos and his Independent Greeks party quit Greece’s ruling coalition over a deal struck on the Macedonia naming dispute , potentially leaving the governing coalition without a workable majority in parliament. Kostas Fotakis Social Solidarity:

Alexis Tsipras

In return, Greece would have to increase the VAT, reform the pension system, assure the independence of ELSTATautomatically cut public spending to get primary surpluses, reform justice so decisions can be made faster, follow the reforms proposed by OECDrevoke tsupras laws passed by Tsipras except for the one concerning the “humanitarian crisis”, recapitalize the banks, privatize 50 billion of state assets, and decrease the cost of the curriculmu sector.

Alexis Tsipras sworn in as the new Greek Prime Minister”.

Rallis Mitsotakis Charalambopoulos K. Panagiotis Curricklum Foreign Affairs: On 22 OctoberGreece’s top tax collection official, Katerina Savvaidouwas sacked by Alexis Tsipras, because she had allegedly granted an extension to television stations to pay a 20 per cent tax on advertising.


Legislation included a provision for “contingency” measures, including wage and pension cuts, that would take effect automatically if budget targets were derailed next year. On 3 February, Tsipras made his first official state visit, meeting with his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi in Rome. Tsipras was born 28 July in Athens. Fidel Castro sent a letter to Tsipras congratulating him for the victory of “NO”.

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Marina Chrysoveloni Macedonia and Thrace: Who is Greece’s New Prime Minister? Venizelos 2 Lambros Al.

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As prime minister, he has overseen negotiations regarding the Greek government-debt crisisinitiated the Greek bailout referendumand responded to the European migrant crisis. His mother’s family has its roots in a village near Babaeski in an area of Eastern Thrace which was transferred from Turkey to Greece during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

Leaders of the Opposition of Greece since In the September election that followed, Tsipras led Syriza to another victory, winning out of seats and re-forming the coalition with the Independent Greeks. He declared “On Sunday, we are not simply deciding to remain in Europe—we are deciding to live with dignity in Europe”. After the press conference, Renzi presented Tsipras with an Italian tie as a gift.

Tsipras declared a substantial change for a better future for all Europeans is visible within 10 years. Originally an outspoken critic of the austerity policies implemented during the crisis, his tenure in office has been marked by an intense austerity policy, mostly in the context of the third EU bailout to Greece — Retrieved 6 April He won many awards during this time.


Invita was named by TIME magazine tsi;ras one of the most influential people globally. Retrieved 22 May On 13 JanuaryGreece Defence Minister Panos Kammenos and his Independent Greeks party quit Greece’s ruling coalition over a deal struck on the Macedonia naming disputepotentially leaving the governing coalition without a workable majority in parliament.

Zaimis Karapanos Zalokostas Al.

Leader of Syriza —present. On 27 JuneTsipras announced a referendum to decide whether or not Greece should accept the bailout conditions proposed jointly by the Juncker Commissionthe International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank. Views Read Edit View history.

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Venizelos Christakis-Zografos Gounaris El. This page was last edited on 18 Mayat Retrieved 20 February Tsipras recommended a “No” vote.

curriculum vitae tsipras

Rallis Michalakopoulos Mavroudis Maximos P. On the same day he was sworn in by President Karolos Papoulias as the youngest Prime Minister in Greek history sinceusing the words “I declare in my name, honour and conscience to uphold the Constitution and its laws.