I will definitely follow your suggestion about indicating a resubmission and same mark sheet with an indication of additional points highlighted. Any changes we make to grades during the review of moderation may affect all students who submitted work. When will I get the result? You can request that we only perform the clerical check. It’s not normally possible for you to ask us to look at your coursework again. Can I see my marked question paper before requesting a review of marking? Don’t forget to look at the how to guide.

If you have to pay the entry fee yourself, you can find what we charge your centre on the fees page. For information about deadlines and fees, see:. Your school or college may ask you to pay for these services before they submit your application. Select from the tabs below to find out more about how to: It is then moderated by us.

Your teacher marks all project work, coursework edescel controlled assessment. Yesprovided that: You may find that a resit is not your best option.

edexcel coursework resubmission

I’m pleased for the student. Can I get my coursework mark reviewed? Thank you, in anticipation.

Post-results services for Edexcel A level

I just received the official “nod” today. Cojrsework can request that we only perform the clerical check. Select from the tabs below to find out more about how to: Thank you so much. I’m sure with all the exprience here that someone must have been in a similar situation.


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If your exam paper was marked using our onscreen marking platform, your work will be sent electronically to a senior examiner as soon as your school or college makes a request. The senior examiner is able to review the marking of the exam paper online and, as soon as they submit their mark, your school or college will be notified of the outcome.

They are in place to ensure that all students are treated equally, regardless of the awarding resubmissiin used for their subject. If you think that the mark on your resjbmission slip is not the courework your teacher gave you, please check with your teacher to see what happened to marks after moderation.

I have never wanted to resubmit a unit of coursework, but this year I have a student who needs a higher mark for university admission.

Is a review of marking the best option for me?

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Yes, we send UCAS results information regularly. Do you already have an account? We aim to have the result of your review of marking back to you within 30 days.

edexcel coursework resubmission

I wouldn’t have thought of doing that. If your grade goes down, you cannot reject the review of marking and go back to the original grade. The majority of review of marking requests do not result in a change to a grade, simply because the review of marking has shown that the original grade was accurate.


Sometimes, students don’t do as well on the next units because their mind is focusing on improving the grade of an earlier unit instead.

Your school or college should base its decision on what is best for the majority of students. Can I see my marked question paper after a review of marking has been completed? When will I be able to take my unit again?

What information is shown on my marked question paper? Any changes we make to grades during the review of moderation may affect all students who submitted work. This will cost less than having a full review of marking.

Contact our Student Services team. Is it necessary to make him start the work from scratch or can he refine the work he previously submitted and just resubmit it again?

The refund policy for marking reviews is agreed jointly by the major UK awarding organisations. You can find exam dates by checking our exam timetables or by speaking to your exams officer.

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