People in the Indian society have very rude mindset about the girl child. In order to empowering women and give them their full rights right from their birth government of India has launched this scheme. Tags Beti Bachao Beti Padhao current affairs. Parents think that only boys are their property as they have to look after them in the old age however girls have to go another place to care her in-laws. This scheme has been implemented in selected districts of the country by the joint initiative of ministry of Human Resource Development and Health and ministry of Women and Child Development through a national campaign in order to cover all the states and UTs.

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In this festival, dor place So, this scheme has been launched by keeping in mind to prevent sex determination, female foeticide, save girl child, ensure safety of girl child, as well as provide quality education to them. The initial capital required for initiating this scheme was Rs crore. All the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao essay are written using very simple words under various words limit according to the class standard of students.

essay on beti bachao beti padhao for ssc cgl

Banasthali University Apply Now. Lovely Professional University Apply Now. This scheme is to make people aware of the importance of esszy child in the Indian society as well as bring some positive changes in the people mindset towards girl child. Bennett University Apply Now. Rate Review baxhao Recommend Pk Chaudhary https: The purpose of launching this scheme was generating awareness as well as improving the efficiency of welfare services for women and girl child in the Indian society.


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This practice was in vogue to reduce the number of girl child as well as avoid the responsibility of a girl child. Assistant in ministry of communication and IT. This is truly a decent and educational, containing all data furthermore greatly affects the new innovation.

You can use these html tags: There are many restrictions for the girl child in the Indian society which hinders the proper growth and development of the girl child. The programme was launched on 22 nd of January, Thursday in at Panipat. As we all have gathered here to celebrate Christmas, I Awareness generation through social media platforms is considered as one of the methods.

essay on beti bachao beti padhao for ssc cgl

Ensuring education of the girl child. Each and every tips of your post are marvelous. Less importance of girl child in the human society is causing suspense of life existence on the earth as where there is no women, no new birth would be.

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Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme. The purpose of launching this scheme was generating awareness as well as improving the efficiency of welfare services for women and girl child in the Indian society.

Ror is a very effective scheme baxhao to improve the number of girl child, save girl child, eradicate female foeticide, give them proper security and education, personal and professional development, etc all over the country.


The continuous decrease in the ratio of girl child per boy child is clearing this issue very well. However, it is not true, girls occupy almost half population of the world so they are half responsible for the existence of life on the earth.

essay on beti bachao beti padhao for ssc cgl

They think that girls are like burden in their life who only need to take whole life from their parents or husbands and never give. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is a government veti scheme launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to address the gender imbalance and discrimination against girl child in the Indian society.

Essay on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao for Students

This scheme may make a call to people to end the discrimination between sons and daughters and work as a key to end female foeticide.

This is being implemented through a national campaign and focussed multi sectoral action in selected districts low in CSR, covering all States and UTs. Newer Post Older Post Home. Why is this important?

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