Gendo UCC Coffee cans. Their ingenious solution is to harness together a huge number of small stand-alone power sources, including gasoline-powered generators, car and motorcycle engines, bicycle dynamos and even batteries from household appliances and children’s toys. Some scenes even go as far as making it appear as it was shot in 4: Social Studies Education — Catalog. Our blog is devoted to assisting college and graduate students with math, physics, English, history and other shipping hydrea homework assignments. Compelling scenes in fiction are every bit as vivid as scenes in movies. Ragoh’s computer virus spreads segment by segment.

Evangelion References and Cross References. Klaus with the Lance again. In the 6th season of Gintama, episode , an explanation of how Kin-san, the Odd-jobs new leader, was “created” starts with a ” Gintoki Shogouki “. Then he notes that his wife’s name is “Kaoru”; she is shown perched on a stone angel against a setting sun like Kaoru Nagisa in the original TV series. At least half of your portfolio should consist of http: Kurumi in a Tokyo-3 school uniform and Rokugo dressed up as a harpy.

Hinagiku doing Misato’s finger motion. In episode 7, Yao reverts to a primitive state after her father takes her money and priviledges away, and is being monitored from a control room.

It depicts Gintoki the main character on top of a monster I think an alien? The first picture is Otose saying that it isn’t cats that should be neutered, it should be humans.

A 3rd season sceje Hayate aired in the Fall ofand the references kept coming. In the Genshiken, Second Season TV series which depicts the second generation of the club, during one of the extras at the end of episode 3, Kenjiro Hato, a cross dresser, is attempting to put on a costume at a coplay cafe that looks like Asuka’s plugsuit but censored.


hinagiku cruel angel thesis scene

Asuka and Eva choking an MPE. In episode 12, Shiki is holding a bunch of movie tickets and one of them has a picture of Mari Makinami in her plugsuit. When asked if he has no identity due to being forced to cross-dress, he says “My identity is following Mr. The last two images left to right were in a sequence that resembled when Shinji sees Eva’s eye in the building windows. The episode ends with a public service announcement urging viewers to save electricity.

The giant transvestite doing a somersault, with umbilical cable clearly visible.

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In the other two pictures, there is a reference to the synchronization ratio of Eva pilots. Some visual details in the two Zone of the Enders anime appear to be Evangelion homages. In the Train Man manga, in chapter 19, page 5, when Densha Otoko is cleaning his room he finds a mecha figure that looks remarkably like an Evangelion along with the logo which says Gangelion.

Tae’s red eyes are similar to Unit 01’s eyes in Evangelion 2. Keroro as a Seele Monolith.

hinagiku cruel angel thesis scene

In this short gag anime about a pretty office lady who’s married to an otaku, there’s a lot of references to pop culture and other anime. Ragoh’s computer virus hinagilu segment by segment. Contents 1 T.

Frog aka Keroro Gunsou anime and manga has too many Evangelion references to possibly list them all, so a few will have to do:. Everybody in 1st place. This show contains so many parodies and references to other anime, TV shows, and games, that it is tbesis impossible to catch them all.


To list just a few:. Some scenes even go as far as making it appear as it was shot in 4: A management cover letter needs to show how you developed yourself from an entry-level employee into a leader. Compare prices from across the web and read product reviews on Infinity. See the Plot Wizard demo.

In episode 26, during a “dream” sequence, Minamoto is on a rooftop talking agnel an adult version of Kaoru, with a gun pointed at her. The giant nursing robot roars. In the prequel OAV IdoloDolores Hayes, the human whose memories would be imprinted into Dolores the mecha, is shown wearing a Greek cross pendant similar to that of Misato’s. Blackouts spread as aliens hijack power plants. This sequence is almost identical scehe Shinji and Rei riding down the escalator in Episode 05 and Rei slapping Shinji for not having faith in his father.

Tributes to Neon Genesis Evangelion in other Anime and Manga

A 12 episode anime series from the Summer season about a calligrapher named Handa Seishu who was exiled to a small island because he punched a famous calligrapher. Parody of Episode angrl ‘s subtitle seen here.

Teshigawara pushing his glasses up in a similar fashion as Gendo Ikari.