Procedure for Thesis Advisor Application and Assignment. The defense is open to the public. It is also required that students develop an understanding of other related fields such as international political economy and international cooperation. Travel Experience the culture while you can! All students writing a thesis should defend their thesis in front of the Thesis Committee during the defense period given on the schedule.

Study Speak and be heard. Our mission is to organize and utilize data on global human resources for companies to effectively recruit, manage, and promote themselves. The meeting will be on Tuesday 1 May in room in International Hall. Students should receive 60 points out of points on each subject. You can pick and choose which lectures and events you wish to attend. We look forward to seeing you there. Submission of Final Defense Result.

The defense is open to the public. Our purpose is not just finding and recruiting talent, but also making sure that the company and ability of its staff are being developed at the same time, and we do this better than anyone else. Students should note that it takes more than one week to make the printed version of the thesis and should prepare the final printed version quickly to meet the deadline.

Students can consult with their department chairs to choose two professors from the list provided first and fill out the preliminary application form and submit it to the GSIS office.

International Trade, Finance, and Management Program ITFM offers an innovative and specialized curriculum to train future leaders to fulfill diverse professional gwis academic needs in the areas of international trade, finance, and management. After completing the program, students are expected to find job opportunities in multinational firms, financial institutions, government agencies, gsks research institutes. Tuesday, 21 May Students should submit it in two forms: Get great deals when traveling in Korea.


Please sign up via the SSK HRs website if you wish to attend, so we can have a general idea of how many people are coming. To deliver fundamental and integrated knowledge to students, we offer all related courses in the area of international finance, including corporate finance, investments, derivatives, international finance, financial institutions and system, financial engineering, and financial accounting.

Unievrsity conference goes from 9am-6pm. If you would like to save your eardrums, it is recommended not gdis stand nearby your Student Council President on Friday, May 24th, as she has been a SimonD fan for like, ten years you guys.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Our mission is to organize and utilize data on global human resources for companies to effectively recruit, manage, and promote themselves.

Submission of Thesis Defense Application Form 4th Semester Students on the Thesis Track are supposed to apply for their thesis final defense to pass and receive approval from the Thesis Committee Members including the thesis advisor. After completing the program, students are expected to seek employment opportunities in public, private, non-profit sectors or research institutions. Students may concentrate on one of the three countries in the region, although specializing in more than one country is a feasible option.

GSIS – Degree Program

In line with these motivations, our program is designed to help students acquire major finance theories and views, merge their obtained knowledge into practical issues, and further gain insights on finance. Tuesday, 28 May Submission of Final Defense Result.


Among the all printed copies unigersity include signatures from all committee members. The Human Rights Society is starting up again after the midterm break.

What separates our program is the flexible and interdisciplinary approach to the study of world affairs.

Theses by GSIS Students

Deadline to apply is 24 May korex 5 pm. Human Rights Society meets tomorrow! Korean Studies Program KSP has become Korea’s premier research center and a world authority for studies related to Korean history and culture.

Procedure for Thesis Advisor Application and Assignment. Thus, if you plan to attend it is best to arrive early.

korea university gsis thesis

We ask that you univerxity register at: KW Partners provides talent recruitment services for companies, schools, and education services in Korea, with a focus on hiring experienced professionals fluent in foreign languages. Speak and be heard.

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All students on the thesis track are required to pass the Thesis Defense before submitting the final thesis to the thesis committee members. Journey inside Korea From famous tourist attractions to hidden matjip right outside your doorstep.

korea university gsis thesis

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