We sincerely hope that the computer will be able to give name —age- sex. To design a system that is web based using MS visual studio and MS management server studio as its front end and back end respectively. The NYSC programmes runs for about 12 months and during that period, graduates of Universities and Polytechnic are deployed to serve in states that are not their state of origin. Also, this study will help the institutions to achieve the following: Human Resources Management HRM involves the use of both quantitative structured and qualitative unstructured information. Summary and conclusion 1.

The operating system used is windows 7 Ultimate. AfzulKhan had also betrayed Sambhaji, Shivajis elder brother, in a battle and thus literature him killed. Haven meet the conditions for deployment, you are hereby posted to: AddWithValue ” ad”, txtUN. Centralized design MIS 2. The NYSC programmes runs for about 12 months and during that period, graduates of Universities and Polytechnic are deployed to serve in states that are not their state of origin. A management information system MIS is a formal information network using computers to provide management with information necessary for decision taking the fundamental objective of an MIS is to get the correct information to the appropriate manager at the right time.

Critics of this new technology express their fear on how this system will be displacing and replacing all human skills thus resulting to mass unemployment. NET allows the caching of data from a database so the website is not slowed down by frequent visits to a database when the data does not change very often. Methods, systems and machine readable measures converts document fields into data element that aids posting, scheduling and management.


Bribery and corruption 4.


Principles of System Analysis and Design. I salute my relatives, past and present friends foes inclusivelecturers back in school, bosses at past times and opponents for all their support and otherwise. Analysis of systems directly deals with the software development activities.

The manual processes involved in the posting were examined and analyzed. Chiemeke and Franca A. It is a conscious and directed series of choices. The materials and litearture review are utilized to the optimum.

literature review of nysc posting system

When the data is accessed over web sysetm, results are returned as XML. Also, the proposed system is an asset to the scheme not a liability as it is a fund generator. AddWithValue ” yob”, txtAge. The data rveiew is being manupulated must be reliable and this requires a reliable system. For instance, the delay in the manual posting of a copper may manual system of postings, data on which routine and time consuming this is because of the volume of data on which routine postng performed is relatively very large.

Click here for more departments. Strategic decision making and support systems: Always govern the use of what is limited to you. A search for solution to the problems of the manual systems aforementioned has prompted this research.

AddWithValue ” si”, txtPosition. Log In Sign Up. The manual system makes retrieval of stored information very slow and difficult 2.

This was done with a postjng to giving them the proper guidance and orientation relevant to the needs of the country. Apart from providing data processing capability, an information system has the capability to provide decision makers with on-demand reports and inquiry capabilities, as well as routine and well-defined periodic reports.


The background of the project is discussed. AddWithValue ” n”, txtDate. Call up Letters 3.

Literature review on nysc posting

Odigie in Apanapudor, J. This action is aimed to bring about unity in the country and to help youths appreciate other ethnic groups. Speedy posting of graduates and correction of errors, retrieval and editing of documents at a fantastic speed. After graduation, most students waste extra year before they go for service.

literature review of nysc posting system

This is because the volume of data on which task literayure performed is relatively very large. AddWithValue ” ad”, rblSex. Recent robust decision efforts have formally integrated uncertainty into the decision making process.

An NYSC forum dedicated to the NYSC members was recently built to bridge the gap amongst members serving across Nigeria and also an avenue for corpers to share job information and career resources as well as getting loans from the National Directorate Of Employment.

This is a set of instruction that guides the computer on the action to perform.