Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation. The more ideas are varied and unique, it indicates that students are more creative in combining scientific literacy and their reason in the search for solutions. Students have the opportunity to understand how the case becomes a problem. Furthermore, we like to thank Nini for very fruitful discussions for this paper. In the sixth step, building acceptance, the students have the opportunity to design and conduct an experiment to test the selected solution with the goal of acceptance of the solutions offered. In this case, teacher’s job is to facilitate the learning process and to make knowledge more meaningful and relevant to students.

Skip to main content. One such step is through the application of learning curriculum. Students can use this capability development in science to think logically and sensibly on concepts they learn and apply it in everyday life. Creativity is divergent thinking, whereas innovation is the convergent thinking. Students are responsible for their learning outcomes. Based on the test results show that the application of learning hypothesis-based experiments CPS can significantly improve the cognitive abilities and skills of creative thinking in solving problems of students compared to the application of conventional learning.

metode creative problem solving (cps)

In the fourth step, generating ideas, students’ creativity plays an important role. Creative problem solving emphasizes on creativity in solving problems that train and facilitate students how to be creative and innovative.

metode creative problem solving (cps)

Rise of new media and technologies used by students cdeative everyday life can be the means to study subject creatively and innovatively both in formal and informal learning; 2. Creativity is divergent thinking, whereas innovation is the convergent thinking. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education Problem solving in science learning can train students creativity and innovation skills.


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The reason often proposed by teachers due to this problem is the limited time and facilities, less-supporting learning environment, and the large numbers of students at class Depdiknas, Pengembangan Kreativitas Anak Berbakat.

International Reviews on Mathematical Education Vol. Defining 21st century skills. They wrote “innovation Refers to the process of bringing any new problem solving idea into use. Creativity and innovation is seen as part of the process of development and change knowledge into a precious value. Learning in this case is to encourage students to do experiment, innovate, and do not only give answers but also to give them the necessary tools to explore and find a variety of possible answers.

Abstract This study aimed to get an idea related to the development of cognitive abilities and creative thinking skills in problem solving student after being given treatment with CPS-based experimental learning and conventional learning. Constructivism approach emphasizes the development of knowledge of learning outcomes by the students themselves. Learning to creativity-innovation is in line with the constructivism approach.

metode creative problem solving (cps)

Sampel penelitian sebanyak 58 siswa SMA yang dibagi ke dalam dua kelas 29 kelas eksperimen dan 29 kelas kontrol. Teacher knowledge for 21st century learning. Help Center Find new research papers in: Authentic Assessment for Creativity as a 21st Century Pedagogy.

Jurnal Pengajaran MIPA

Keywords creative problem solving; experiment; cognitive ability; eksperimen; kemampuan kognitif. In order to compete and survive in an increasing complex world, creativity and innovation skills are needed. Journal of Knowledge Management. American Educational Research Association.


American Psychological Association Vol. Testing solutions in the design of experiments can yield expected or even different result. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode kuasi eksperimen dengan desain the randomized pretest-posttest control group design. ((cps)

References Anderson, Lorin, W. The research sample group of 58 high school students who are divided into two classes class 29 experimental and 29 control group.

Creativity and innovation as one entity skills can be defined as the ability of a person’s ability to generate new ideas in order to solve the situation faced from a different angle from the norm mmetode choosing the right new idea to then put into metoxe or new situations. Creative Problem Solving in Math.

The effectiveness of using brainstorming strategy in developing creative thinking in Islamic Education among Third secondary students in Tabouk City.

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Tesis magister, tidak diterbitkan, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. In addition, based on the calculation of effect size indicates that the application of experiment-based learning CPS effective in improving cognitive ability and creative thinking vreative in problem solving students with moderate category. Dipetik May 27,dari www. What knowledge is of most worth: