It is taking effect with the dedicated ones. This site uses cookies. It has only taken 5 years to have it. For year 7 Spanish it might look as follows:. Sometimes they just need a little encouragement. She has responded really well.

The pupils could be set a tarif of 50 points so they could do 5 x 10 point tasks or one 50 pointer. Once the rationale was explained, most students went for it. She then gets on with exercises that challenge, extend, consolidate and deepen her learning. Exam boards also have past papers on their websites, that would easily allow multiple skills. Students are naturally curious and like to learn about the country. If making comments then they should be demanding a response. It can be very easy to get into a rut of formative comments.

I mentioned DIRT mats in this post. Why do so many pupils not do it? Again the specimen papers for the new GCSE could be used in this way. Produce a 75 words on things you wear at different times.

Admittedly speaking would be out of the question but listening, reading and writing would all be possible. Rachel Hawkes suggests that students should achieve a certain amount of points from a selection of activities to prove they have done their homework, using a variety of different techniques. There is also one that I would recommend with your weakest students at this link. In James’ school, there are set Prep sessions with subjects allocated specific slots.

Watch for the kid at about the second mark with his encyclopaedic knowledge of butterflies…. If you are not confused by the end then it is because you got up to make a cuppa minutes in.


There are some brilliant worksheets out there on websites such as TES and the excellent Frenchteacher. Some would like to drop their marking pile in a woodchipping machine.

mfl takeaway homework

Whilst there are advantages to this, the drawback would be that ICT homeworks are more limited as a year group of students cannot get onto PCs all at the same time. The only issue I ml with these sites is you cannot see which students have done the work!

Takeaway homework mfl mar

I would also counsel that you tell them to avoid the blindingly obvious and go for a more horrible histories style in their research. For example, we tackled weil with a nice animated powerpoint showing the verbs moving to the end of the clause.

As MFL teachers, we know the value of nfl learning but how can you ensure that they have actually learnt it. It can be very easy to get into a rut of formative comments. And one complaint from pupils was that they couldn’t ask their peers for help if they were all doing different homeework but actually this has proved to be a positive thing from the staff point of view.

I remember marking an oral exam with another teacher and they fakeaway I listen to the amount of subjunctives and connectives the student was using. Prim aka chapeluser said that she asks for evidence of WHAT they have done to learn the vocabulary set as homework.

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My Head of Department posed a difficult uomework last week: We know from research by people such as John Hattie that feedback can be incredibly important. For all the sessions, there were a lot of good ideas from the audience, and this was no exception. Just as feedback and marking should drive learning forward; homework should do the same!


mfl takeaway homework

Do not underestimate the power of a well-placed positive comment. We decided that at the back of her book we should have a problems page. Government publish results of mdl into marking. She then gets on with exercises that challenge, extend, consolidate and deepen her learning. It was just an honest conversation where she could ask the questions she did not want to ask in class.

However it is a concept that we will be introducing over the next year or so and it was great to hear James’ experiences and see what to do or to ttakeaway. What on earth is going on?!!!

mfl takeaway homework

This epiphany came to me at some point in the middle of a lesson! This website, hmoework the bane of the Everydaymfl teacher, is getting.

Takeaway homework mfl mar – College Students Essay

Below is a buffet of homeworks. Taking feedback on board, pupils now have printouts for their books and it is also on his door in case they lose it. What is the purpose of the homswork we set?