Do not allow your computer to introduce word splits and do not use a ‘justified’ layout. Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any. Do not embed ‘graphically designed’ equations or tables, but prepare these using the facility in Word or as a separate file in Excel. Like adult schizophrenia, childhood. Computer prepared images must be at a minimum of dpi at the final publication size. Where published methods are used, references should be given, together with a brief outline. Any material received without such evidence will be assumed to originate from the authors.

In particular, do not use the options to justify text or to hyphenate words. Home Contact the college was named after him as Dr. Since the process is time consuming, the university decided to accept dissertations online. The title page should include the names and addresses of authors. Students pursuing post graduation or Ph. Articles aligned with national health issues and policy implications are preferred.

muhs nashik pg thesis

Present your results in a logical thfsis in the text, tables, and figures, giving the main or most important findings first. The academic section comprises of the M.

Collate acknowledgements in a separate section at the end of the article and do not, therefore, include them on the title page, as a footnote to the title or otherwise. Delhi Metro now plans e-scooters at 5 stations Gang war erupts in Delhi as shootout kills 2 Mumbai: Winter – Examinations. List Of Approved in supraclavicular brachial plexus block 41 Dr.


This process will begin from the winter examination session of and a notification in this regard will be issued to sugmission the concerned PG colleges.

MUHS-HSR- Guidelines

The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences with jurisdiction over the whole of the State of Maharashtra is established and incorporated on 3rd June for the purposes of ensuring proper and systematic instruction, teaching, training and research in modern medicine and Indian Systems of Medicine in the State of Maharashtra, and to have balanced growth in the medical sciences so also an uniformity in various courses in medical faculty in the State.

Titles are often used in information-retrieval systems. Courses Except PG Medical. Authors are encouraged to use color to submissiln the impact and clarity of figures. Thesis has to be submitted to the faculty. For figures supplied in parts, please use A, B, C, etc.

muhs nashik pg thesis

Do not prepare tables pt PowerPoint. Examples of those who might be acknowledged include a person who provided purely technical help, writing assistance, or a department submmission who provided only general support.

Review articles, Case reports, Commentaries and Correspondence: Every year there are about 6, post graduate students submit their thesis with MUHS and another 4, students pursuing their Ph. The text should be in single-column format. No script reference was registered with this page.

Provide the following information in your submission in the order given:. All contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship as defined above should be listed in an acknowledgements section.

Since the process is time consuming, the university decided to accept dissertations online. Title page, abstract, tables, legends to figures and reference list should each be provided on separate pages of the manuscript. Electronic Dissertation and Thesis Submission.


It is published quarterly and available in print and online version. nzshik

muhs nashik pg thesis submission

The introduction should give a short and clear account of the background of the problem and state the objectives of the work. The corresponding author and all co-authors, signs a copyright transfer form at the time of submission of the manuscript. Do not import the figures into the text file but, instead, indicate their suhmission locations directly on the manuscript. When the work included in a paper has been supported by a grant from any source, this must be indicated.

Headings should not be used in a letter; no abstract or keywords are required. The statistical tool used to analyze the data should be mentioned.

muhs nashik pg thesis submission

MUHS to accept dissertations online Nashik: The purpose of the discussion is to suvmission a brief and pertinent interpretation of the results against the background of existing knowledge. Do not allow your computer to introduce word splits and do not use a ‘justified’ layout. The journal covers population based studies, impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, systematic review, meta-analysis, clinic-social studies etc.

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