The transfer documents can be created for students in Pre-K thru 12 grade levels. This report lists students under the name placed in the “Mother’s Name box” usually the mother when the child’s data was entered into NGS. The Termination Report shows either a summary count of terminated students and a detailed listing for these students including enrollment and termination dates or a summary count of terminated students categorized by the termination reason. Satisfactory performance on the TAAS exit level tests is mandatory to receive a high school diploma. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

NGS also allows educators to generate various student-level, management and Office of Migrant Education performance reports. For student health profiles, NGS stores records on medical alerts, medications, immunizations, and general health information such as vision and hearing exams. The Current City report shows demographic data for students. The Comprehensive Secondary Credits report shows a detailed listing of courses taken by a student for grade levels Information on medications related to a medical alert can also be stored in the system. Reduction of stipend to faculty level; 4. This report is used to verify the student’s special needs records.

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The Health Screen report shows health information for students in a specific state, region, district, or campus. The Partial Credit report shows information for students who have earned credits for a particular course, but have not completed the course. A list of the special needs for a student can be stored. The Retention report shows all students who are retained or repeating the same grade as the previous year.


The Individual Supplementals report shows a detailed listing of all supplementals assigned to a student for a specified school year. NGS allows states to enter secondary courses by subject area, state graduation plans, and state graduation requirements.

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NGS allows users to manipulate multiple student records on one screen. The type of contacts that can be associated with a facility include migrant, health, special education and GED.

For academic records, members can add, update, consolidate, or view information on unresolved courses, failed courses, recommended courses, passed courses, academic credits, state graduation plans, and graduation requirements. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

ngs coursework requirement

An assessment record for Kindergarten or Pre-K students can be added to indicate their skill level in cognitive, psychomotor, and affective areas.

Coyrsework generates reports based on the report criteria entered.

A Brief overview of the Coursewirk to support learning and assessment in practice. This report can be generated for either facility or district. Keep up the fantastic work! The worksheet contains students matching the requesting criteria entered.

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A health profile for a student can requirenent viewed, updated, or deleted. Members can select the coursfwork criteria to show: This report shows a snapshot of records existing for each student. The Bi-National Report shows a list of students who were born in a country other than the US or who have made a move from another country other than the US.

The Secondary Credit for Mobile Youth report shows information on those students who either have credits, do not have any credits academic or unresolvedor both within the specified school year. The only limits to data access are based on state-specified user restrictions.


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It can be run by facility, district or state. This report is used to verify the student’s special needs records. There requirfment be only one of each contact type at a facility in the database. Errors in basic conventions of mechanics and usage may occur, and commonly used words may be misspelled.

Ngs coursework requirement

Information on medications related to a medical alert can also be stored in the system. Once a users has ensured that the students on a COE do not exist in NGS by searching the database, members can access this form and add the information listed on a COE on one screen.

It is important to govern the removal of enrollments to prevent missing information for students. It can also helps user located the students who are repeating the same grade and provide additional training for these students. NGS Induction Day 2.

This form makes the data entry process much easier for users. This information can help review the data entered for a given facility.

ngs coursework requirement

First, they must have taken the respective TAAS test. The Supplemental Programs report shows a count of migrant students receiving supplemental programs that are MEP funded.