But in our millennium era, this opportunity goes to us to choose the right person to be married. A very well-structed essay. The parents wants their children to be good in all of the ways. This problem usually occurs among the teenagers. Parents or other adult relatives inculcate sense in teenager to make proper decisions. Not only that, it is important for the parents to make decision for them.

Beside that, why parent should make important decision to their child is to care about the social life and to prevent their child from prematal sexs. While some argue that young adults need guidance from their parents or older relatives, others believe that young adults should be allowed to make their own decisions. If we are fortunate as young children, we tend to idealize parental relationships. For example if a child develops great skills in any language by his 10th he could be a great writer in future. If teenagers made they own choice which school and program to apply for, probably, parents are not necessarily the best ones for their teenagers who can come up with more effective solutions. Whether or not the children agree with them is another matter.

The parents must guide and let them to choose and decide whether nursing or art that as all knows nursing has larger opportunity than art course.

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Nowadaysteenage children between years old have different level of thinking and make a decision and they tends to make decision on their own. Whether or not the children agree with them is another matter. More importantly, parents cannot make choices for their children forever because their child will become an adult and organize their own family sooner or fxr.

They will definitely parentx what is best for their children. We are totally wrong actually. By the way, parents should not decide all the things on behalf of their children. But, most of teenagers never accept their parents advices.


Therefore, making their own decision, children strengthen confidence in themselves. There are thinking that they are big enough to do all decision myself. All people can write and create a story or poem. And I even fell to pass two of the courses since I have no interest in them.

Parents know best as far as careers are concerned Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Parents or other adult relatives should gar important decisions for their years teenage children. On most circumstances they only follow their own will to choose for you but ignore where your talent really lie. I think that it is like starting to walk when a baby needs its parents for support.

Sometimes, when they make the decision for us, we can feel hurt and do not like that decision at all. This is because this statement is very important that parents and other adult relatives give their decision. This is because, they know what are the good and the bad thing. That is why parents made their decision for their own children. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. State your three points. Parent or child, its not a single person who is entitled to choose about the career options for the child, rather it should be mutual effort guided by complete evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, ability and willingness of the child and scope of option proposed in future.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Also, the child would hardly blame the parents for any down-surge in their career. So, finally I can say that it is true adults are more mature than teenagers.

Parents know best as far as careers are concerned Essay

For my own side, I prefer to make my own decision for any situation. To achieve that they should be given an opportunity to choose what they want to be, especially for their ambition so that there will show better performance rather than become boring with their job that had been chosen by their parent and will lead to unproductive work.


Secondly, observations of your own successful decisions will increase self-confidence in personality of the child. So, for this topic, I totally agreed that parents should make important decisions for their over 15 year-old children. Admittedly, parents and adult relatives do all the things to make the children benefit the best and not to make wrong decisions.

If their children like to be the architecture, let them reach their dream. But after a modernization movement and freedom influence from knowledge and education, seems that most of children and youth were indepent in making their best choices such as what to wear, who they want to be friend with and the most crucial part of the life, marriage. One of it is when they are 15 years old they need to decide which course they will take for form four whether science class ,economic class, art class and others.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Parents know best as far as careers are concerned Essay Essay Topic: Extended or continuous writing has been a much feared task among students. Intelligent parents behave like that and they have fewer problems with their teenage children.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

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