I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. Complete the worksheet, filling in the perimeters and areas of the shapes. Write an exposition on why TV is good or bad for children. Why do you think that we are using the grid this term? I have given you a list of words and you need to provide the plural for each word. Take a walk in your local area with a parent. After our discussion in class about the important aspects of a diary entry, write a set of rules you should abide by while writing in a diary and why 20 minutes PDHPE:

One that is living and one that is non-living. Following on from our road safety lesson last week, draw a map representing your local area and mark as many symbols to represent a pedestrian crossing, speed humps, traffic lights and road signs to determine familiarity of road safety in your local area. You see when I do my homework my mum and dad are usually not there so I have no way of proving that I did all of my homework. Don’t forget to back it up with evidence 35 minutes and don’t forget to plan your response for 10 minutes before you start writing. It will also encourage us to go onto our classroom blog and voice thread and make a comment and if we do an afternoon sport then that is already one of the grids completed.

I chose these activities because they were quick and easy. This week we are learning a new spelling rule, plurals.

I know that my homewor and dad think that this grid is great. AB especially liked me reading to him I think that we have this grid because it is a different way of learning instead of doing work sheets. I like homework grids You see when I do my homework my mum and dad are usually not there so I have no way of proving that I did all of my homework.


Is there another activity you would like to see on the grid?

pdhpe homework grid

We will be going on a library visit in order to collect books based on the dreamtime. Share some time with 6Blue.

Did you select healthier options since you know somebody will read this diary? These activities are- I trained with a sporting group, I practised a new skill with soccer and I went for a run. Look around and try to find things around you that will help you to survive in that environment. For our weekly project on the Indigenous Australians, your task is to design a didgeridoo. The “Stage 3 Homework Grid”is in it’s second week and it’s probably a good time to share our thoughts about how the grid is going.

I agree with e.

Pdhpe homework grid – site

Have you had any problems with the grid? While outside in your garden, find two specimens. Homework grid This homework grid documents the homework you need to complete between Monday-Friday. Write at least a one page plan on this 1 hour. Name 3 activities that you have already completed on the grid? I think that we are using the grid this term because they want to try something different and not doing the same thing every week like Spelling words and the sheets.


H I just wanted to comment about comment on voice thread about the measurement where you told 6B about our pdphe. Why did homfwork choose these activities?

Still I do think it is a fun, exciting and interactive way to do our homework. Work on this 30 minutes each week.


Write an exposition on why TV is good or bad for gtid. Always remember this, Indigenous people survived on grubs for food, what creepy crawlies will you find as a food source? Work on your assignment since it is the last day of the school week and it is due next week. My favourite thing is the art because we can draw and make things.

Pdhpe homework grid

Weekend homework includes walking the dog, playing in the park, soccer with friends anything to improve your active, healthy lifestyle. I think that the homework grid is a great way to do our homework but there is one thing that is troubling me.

pdhpe homework grid

Each square is for 1 activity grjd you nee to reflect well on it. If you need assistance, always remember our handy librarians, are willing to lend a helping hand with books. Newer Post Older Post Home. Finish your Pablo Picasso-inspired painting, and beside it, write 10 facts about his life and paintings.

pdhpe homework grid