What is the initial velocity of the marble as it leaves the launching device? How high above the ground will these two balls hit? What total energy is required if this rocket is to orbit Venus at an altitude of km.? Wednesday, March 9, Test: I want to make sure you all are solid with using angular variables and rotational kinematics problems before we move forward, so today we simply practiced some tougher story problems. Suppose that you are on the space shuttle Endeavor and are orbiting the Earth at the same altitude as the satellite, but you are trailing the satellite by 28 km.

Friday, October 30, Practicing Spring Problems. The time for a ball to drop 1. BOTH are required for full credit in any vector problem! Finally we went backwards, finding change in velocity from acceleration vs. What will be the magnitude of the torque exerted on the system by the weight of the meterstick? Graph at right Answers to opposite side:

When current flows through a resistor, the resistor equilbirium electrical energy into other forms of energy. What would the velocity of this rocket have to be in order for it to orbit Callisto at an altitude of 4, km? This was NOT turned in for a grade.

You have available a long inclined plane which is How much frictional force will be applied to you by the surface of the merry-go-round?

physics homework #27 torques at equilibrium

Your car is heading North on Eqiulibrium 9 with a velocity of What will be the velocity of this airplane as measured by an observer on the ground? What will be your speed as you move around the center of the merry-go-round? Your individual write-up is due the next time I see you. Finding the new angular speed of a start that has shrunk dramatically:.


physics homework #27 torques at equilibrium

The end of the incline is slowly lifted until the crate begins to slide down the incline at a constant speed. Hopefully you picked up the practice test yesterday. What would be the total energy of this rocket while orbiting Callisto at an altitude of 4, km?

We’ll talk about it Wednesday, but it’s the reason more mass on the cart worked better. These are the toughest problems of this whole unit, so we’re still working on them. The rest of the period we just practiced various Ohm’s Law problems.

Volkening’s Physics Classes:

According to the tachometer in a car the engine is rotating at RPM [revolutions per minute]. Here is the Powerpoint used in class: As a result the sled accelerates to the right at a rate of 3. They might help you homeqork some of the problems, but keep in mind that these might not perfectly match your practice test and the grading will probably NOT be the same. Was this collision elastic or inelastic? Wednesday, January 27, Senior Debates.

Homework: Torque and Simple Machines

Wednesday, April 15, Circuit Breakers. How long will it take for this baseball to reach the highest point? What is center of mass?


To that end, I wandered around asking extremely leading questions while you were taking data in an attempt to steer you in the right direction. That looks okay although you should put units on the result of the sum.

What will be the total AMA of this compound [a machine made up of two or more simple machines! A mass of grams is hung from the There is only one major change: What will be the resulting angular acceleration of this ring?

No homework – qt your break! Today is your work time to study for hmoework test tomorrow. I manage to conjure some sort of answer for a force, only one though, couldn’t get my head round what a surprise the other force. During bellwork we talked about your Constant Velocity labs due today and also made our first velocity vs. What will be the linear velocity of a point on the outer edge of the wheel?

Today we continued jumping around chapter 14, this time discussing the shape and speed of sound waves.