This word is a name of a person in one of the stories. The word formality in the SL has the same suffix to the word sentimentality. The word shock is not available in the Indonesian dictionary. Then, following the Decree issued by the Rector Number: The word formalities is categorized as a noun and the word formalitas is as well categorized as a noun in the word class.

The word aktor functions as a head and the word ulung functions a modifier. Based on the meaning the word hotel in the SL is equivalent to the word hotel in the TL. This phenomenon occurs determined by the ideology in translation, because the ideology is to determine the way of thinking when doing translation. Some of the strong points of this study are: The simplest of all the translation methods is the borrowing technique, meaning that one language borrows an expression form from another language.

The translation is acceptable in the TL; it is commonly used in the TL culture. It means the foreign lexical items that consist in Indonesian dictionary; it is categorized as a borrowing on lexicon rank.

Therefore, there is no adjustment of spelling to the word Maman in the TL. Authors are expected to include original scientific papers in accordance with the scope of the discussion of thrsis journal including all aspects of the theory and practice are used.

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Those are adjective in the SL and noun in the TL in the word type. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word Cinderella in the SL and the word Cinderella in the TL have the same category.


According to Sutopo The suffix —al is adjusted of spelling in the TL into the consonant —k to the word politik. This example shows that structurally English has plural form by suffix -s and Indonesian structure does thesiss have plural marker, except the repetition.

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The form from which the translation is made will be called the SL and the form into which it is to be changed will be called the TL. It tnesis necessary to make a good scientific research. It shows toward the word mental in the SL is stand for adjective but the word mental in the TL is stand for noun as behavior. In this case, the data merely described and classified based on the borrowing types proposed by Molina and Albir The word Hnud begins with a capital letter characterizing a proper noun.

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Foreignization is translation ideology, which has oriented to TL, i. The word misteri itself means sesuatu yang masih belum jelas masih menjadi tnesis — teki: These are singular form.

Jurnal Ilmu-ilmu 2s pertama kali terbit pada tahun dengan nama Widya Pustaka. It is important because that language is not our native language. She is not for you, that one.


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Dia tentu mengalami shock shock to her. Therefore, the word bank in the SL and TL are categorized as a common noun. The science of translation: At the beginning of this publication, the articles that are published are the result of the selection and review of articles that have been seminar at the national seminar organized by Udayana University SENASTEK. University Press of America.

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The qualitative research approach in the present study; the data were taken from bilingual textbook particularly a novel. The research was conducted by Junita RS. Tbesis on the explanation above, it is to show that the meaning of both language is similar and the word category is the same.

s2 thesis unud

Secondly, the word is adjusted to the way of writing and the pronunciation of Indonesian rule. Then, there is no adjustment of spelling in the TL. It is a naturalized borrowing. It is the theory of translation by Molina and Albir Because it is not available in the Indonesian dictionary, the word penny was directly taken from the SL into the TL.

The allomorph —ation in the word information and demonstration Oxford, The meaning of the word harem in the SL is equivalent to the word harem in the TL.