The more ties an individual has within a network and beyond the network -through the ties of other network members-, the more knowledge, influence and power the original actor will have and, importantly, control. Lecturing is probably the oldest teaching method and remains the most common form of instruction to be found in United States colleges and universities, despite the fact that some research has shown that lecturing is ineffective, especially if not combined with some alternative style of teaching. This network was used for sharing data relatively in a small geographic area such as buildings in OLFU clinics-Valenzuela campus. Telling students how they are expected to use the lecture material. Size px x x x x The proponent asked first the permission of the University, secondly the school physician so that there would be no technical problems.

Based from the conducted interview, the total respondents were seven 7. Used in conjunction with active learning teaching strategies, the traditional lecture can be an effective way to achieve instructional goals. MYSQL is one of the software requirements used by the proponent in order to organize all the information regarding the medical records of the Health and Wellness department. Since the developed system will be the first system to circulate in university clinic, it provides a fast and easy access to student medical records, history of medication taken and monitoring of the students health status. What is their prior relationship if any with this subject matter? Others, however, don’t think it’s their place to do so, pointing to the load of content they already must teach in one semester.

Based on the overall analysis and conclusion of the proponent ollfu the manual existing system of Health and Wellness department, the results obtained the need for a new system.

The main assumption of cognitive psychology is that there are cognitive processes that take place and influence the way things are learned. Do I want to advocate a particular idea or behavior?

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How to Plan an Effective Lecture Instructors might remember that the learners’ minds are not blank slates, and the organization of the lecture must take into account the students’ existing knowledge and expectations as well as the structure of the subject matter. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Lecture Approach I.


After the design was completed, the proponent began to transform it to physical design sub-phases.

Specifically, this study sought answers to the following questions: The records can view also in a relational base according to the specified data needed.

In an enterprise, a LAN server has an administrator -or someone who fills that role- and typically LAN services thesie the setting up and administration of the local area network are managed on behalf of users, but not directly by the users.

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The actual observation thessi the clinic was done by the proponent. February 18, Burke et. It converted a text from one symbolic into another, usually in an encoded or unreadable form. They can ask for volunteers to report out what were the issues or questions raised in their dyads.

The file structure allows several sets of data, including date- orientated data, to be used. The Research paradigm showing the variables under study. The researchers are confident that these respondents could honestly and categorically assess the common perceptions of the students on the faculty members handling NCM subjects.

The proponent used different research methods in order to give an appropriate solution to the problems in the existing system. May 14, Boston, et. Olgu to that, the proponent interviewed the school physician and asked all the problems that they usually encountered in giving the medical services to the students.

In like manner, the delivery of the teacher-education curriculum does not confine itself to the classroom but extends the learning environment off-campus and encourages institutions to explore alternative learning systems, especially through the use of Information Communication Technology or ICT.

As an additional, the features of a system is like informational pages wherein the users can exa,ple informed and make the users aware regarding different symptoms and other valuable information of eyes, ears, nose and throat illnesses and disorders.


March 22, Caro, J. Finally, it is a good idea to practice the lecture, whether to a living audience or an inanimate object e.

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Exampple improves the thesus of services of OLFU-clinic in Valenzuela campus such as medical records, medical reports, referral schedules and certifications. Exampls proponent decided to use a data communication network in the proposed system that is feasible to all building apart from each other. Strengths of the Lecture Approach 2. The Teaching Process Skills are curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, educational assessment, examplle teaching approaches.

This theory stresses the importance of students developing their own internal structures as they learn. Once the student came back for another consultation transaction, the staff nurse manually found the consultation record of the student and manually filled up the form to update the additional information needed. They, along with University of Texas strategic-learning advocate Claire Ellen Weinstein, PhD, and others, say it’s never too late to teach students how to learn.

Each page has different functions according to the intended purpose. The Systems Theory introduced by von Bertalanffy reminds us of the value of integration of parts of a problem. According to Bhardwaj et al.

In line with the developed system, LAN-based Student Medical Information System was not suitable for billing and payment system while the Hospital Management Information System can manage the billing system.

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Ausubel’s emphasis on reception learning has affected the way in which science teachers approach certain scientific concepts. Parental Request Form Page Figure 20 shows the parental request form page.

It is designed to allow resources to be shared between computers or workstations.