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In other cases it will depend on each project and user. The format in which to display dates on your site. Sommerregen thanks – i got it Curiously, the Basics page looks like this: Select your preferred start date for WordPress calendars from the drop-down menu. Multilingual Press free version.

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thesis rtfm multisite

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This will happen if your WordPress website is older than one month. I would look at a theme that already exits that looks sort of similar and see how they approached it.


Do you have any suggestions of best way to do this? Title and meta description All pages.

thesis rtfm multisite

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WordPress Multisite: How to Make a Multilingual Website

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If you do not need to synchronize the contents of each languagesimply put a language switcher at the top of your website, so the user will be redirected to the home page when switching to another language. The pro-version offers many additional features: Click the Add new link, and select the language from the drop-down menu More info: It’s need on non-home page.

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Thanks so much guys! Goat educate essay contest.

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This plugin enables you to manage translations of posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies. Included with each theme are.

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