He specializes in the topics of European and national public law, comparative constitutional law, controlled self-regulation, multilevel governance, the rule of law, democracy, human rights and sports law. At the end, the main question states as follows: Firstly, the current process of compliance in Belgium will be analyzed. Jacqueline de Groot is delighted to support ITEM in the upcoming year and a half as advisor external affairs. Muziekinstrumenten Alle Ja Nee.

Cross-border work involves a lot to be taken into account. We are looking forward to welcome you in the near future as an exchange student! In order to protect the fundamental right to life of vulnerable persons, many State Parties to the European Convention on Human Rights totally prohibit assisted suicide and euthanasia without being condemned by the European judicial organ. It is questioned whether these entities hold sufficient defensive mechanisms to push back patent assertion. The goal is to evaluate its opportunities and pitfalls, especially when it comes to power imbalances between different family members. We call upon everyone to revisit your PPP and update and polish it. In turn, to be eligible for permission as an investment firm, such firms need to live up to a wide panoply of requirements.

Democracy promotion, economic governance and geopolitics: Abstract The strong and the weak in corporate law: On Friday 28 September at 3.

Abstract The gechten interplay between international humanitarian law and counter-terrorism legislation: Bartman will be appointed Professor of Corporate Group Liability within the faculty. Taking into account international and criminal background of international criminal law, this presentation proposes a methodological model to analyze the preparatory works of the Rome Statute.


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In total 22 countries participated and sent in a team. One of the most frequent criticisms rightly or wrongly uhassetl against the EU institutions concerns the democratic deficit from which they would suffer: Fietsenstalling Alle Ja Nee. Abstract When the Weak Reports to the Strong: Read more Welcome new students!

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Applying human rights to International Organizations: The chair is part of the Department of Foundations and Methods of Law.

International humanitarian law IHL tbesis counter-terrorism legislation — including Belgian Law of 19 December — are two different branches of the law which rechteb sometimes govern similar contexts of violence. This paper fits into a PhD research in theory of law that aims to better understand the content of the legal concept of participation in various legal orders — both international and national — when it is applied to water issues and its implications in terms of public policies.

PhD candidates with a scholarship who do not receive childcare allowance.

Rapertingenstraat – kot 5 Rapertingenstraat 4 – Hasselt. During these procedures, competent authorities check whether a person’s reechten and professional experience meet certain standards. Olivier Eloot has got master degrees in both history and law.

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Master degree in Administrative and Public Law national and international aspects. Taxes and the protection of the environment.

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Various other countries the Netherlands, Australia, Uhaselt have already adopted a form of Cooperative Compliance in their legal system. Yet an utmost important element of this question has to date been entirely absent in this debate. Do these provisions comply with the principle of equal treatment enshrined by our Constitution? Leonie completed an LL.


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She holds a uhawselt degree LL. Which kind of legal instrument can offer an effective solution for the province of Limburg to better tackle border-specific legal problems? In the EU, the mobility of many professionals is governed by the Professional Qualifications Directive. Toegankelijkheid voor rolstoelgebruikers Alle Ja Nee. Nowadays, tax compliance by large businesses is the subject of intense scrutiny.

Abstract Are children in difficult situations subjects of law?

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The chair is part of the Private Law department. Raoul van Caenegem passed away at the age of 90 in his hometown of Gent.

From 28 th of February until 2 nd of March, the Maastricht team has successful participated in the regional final of the European Law Moot Court held at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Wout De Cock is a Ph. Hence this answer was invested with a liberal spirit and influenced by the 19th century moralism.