The WCED recommends that children spend the following time on homework, depending on their grade: I had explained to the participants that their answers are confidential and that their answers will not be shared with the parents. Listen to CapeTalk Live. Remember, both you and the teacher want your child to do well. It is possible that sometimes the purpose of homework may be lacking from the view of learners and parents, and once this is clarified or understood, the importance of homework as a teaching tool should be acknowledged. The impact of homework on families of struggling learners. The third one is motivation.

What we value Relationships Individuality Curiosity Accountability. A model of evaluating local schools’ homework practices. The following are a few of the main themes emerging from the analysis: When considering the methodology of studies conducted by Cooper et al. The headmaster discovered that in Finland and America, they have a no-homework policy.

wced homework policy

As seen in the data, it is important that the learner is able to present themselves in front of a class. Literature Review Purpose of homework Epstein Help to organise their time. A model of evaluating local schools’ homework practices.

Cited by Google Similars in Google. Acknowledgements This study was conducted as part of a project titled “written wcex with multilingual implications,” funded by the National Research Foundation – https: For example, ensure that the homework is at the appropriate level of difficulty. These are aspects that I will address in this article.


When is homework worth the time? To conclude, this study sought motivating factors that influence learners in becoming successful. Learning is different to knowing.

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Questions That we feel are important for parents to ask us. Only a person who can teach a subject knows it.

In my study, considering where no homework is given to the learners, I was curious to investigate how the learners’ characteristics are monitored since they are no longer engaged in homework. The principal of this school where data was collected appears to be a strong no-homework promoter and believes that the home-work practices of the school impacts the academic performance of the learners negatively Meyer, The prominent contributing factors of the no-homework practice that were identified were: Looking in classrooms 9th ed.

A guide to qualitative field research 2nd ed. Finally, the WCED suggests that all schools ought to strive to administer homework at a reasonable and appropriate level, so that it is not too difficult, too easy, too confusing, or too boring for the learners.

Trust, respect and dignity underpin all relationships and homewprk includes communications between and amongst teachers, children, parents, staff and board, with an open approach to resolving challenges between and amongst people — adults and children alike. Effort on homework in grades I believe that my findings revealed the complexity and nuance of my understanding of how teachers perceive and approach the no-homework policy.

Introduction to the special issue work habits and work styles: The homework-achievement relation reconsidered: In light of this, Cooper and Valentine view homework as having positive effects by enhancing retention, increasing the understanding of course material, increasing hoomework skills, increasing positive attitudes toward school, increasing beliefs about the importance of learning outside the classroom, increasing independence and responsibility, and facilitating parental involvement and appreciation of the children’s school-related work.



Despite different beliefs about and approaches to homework, I know that perceptions of teacher warmth and care are essential to learners’ engagement in school Wentzel, We can gather from the answers given by the participants that certain answers were policj biased, which I will discuss later.

Evaluating the association between homework and achievement in high school Science and Math.

wced homework policy

This study ought to be viewed with the goal of developing a new way of evaluating homework practices in a personal, contextualised, and naturalistic way. I acknowledge that this study on the practice of no homework has its limitations. Cape Town primary school flourishes Educational Leadership, 64 6: Tuesday, 4 August 5 top tips for helping kids with school work.

wced homework policy

Accessed 13 December If properly handled, homework can also teach a child how to manage time well.