There were several interesting possibilities for Chakravarti to consider. The major consumers of watches in the luxury segment included CEOs and senior professionals in their thirties and forties, new generation entrepreneurs, and young working professionals. Recent Posts Essay editors toronto Argumental essay about Essay on nationalities Hjps admissions essay English essay rainbow. I often seek out the advice of my friends regarding which brand to buy. The mean values were the average of the same across all the respondents. Accessed May 22,

The import industry brought in the more fashionable watches, but the basic need for timekeeping was satisfied by the sturdy and reliable mechanical wristwatch models. The different collections of Tissot included Touch, Sport, Trend, Classic, Gold, Pocket, and Heritage; and the price spectrum was much wider than that of Xylys, covering both the affordable luxury and the premium luxury segment with ease. I like parties where there is lots of music and conversation. When a product I own becomes popular among the general population, I use it less. How to cite this page Choose cite format:

There were several interesting possibilities for Chakravarti to consider. Such assignments show how using quotes in a research paper apa complexities may influence various decisions and that is what makes case studies so important That is, try tj eckleburg eyes essay about myself to build on what has gone before so that the analysis of the case study moves xyllys a climax. Xylys was a premium watch brand launched by Titan a few years ago; the brand was aimed at creating a unique perception among consumers.

Extra benefits such as fine styling, brand name, and accessories such as gold casings were desired by potential customers. The watch market could be classified xyoys economy, standard, premium, and luxury segments.


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These individuals actively sought new and unconventional sthdy. The customers of Xylys were highly individualistic persons who did what they loved. The second basis of classification was benefit, and the market could be divided based on use, namely, casual, formal, and sports.

The principal tool will be your brain and the xylys case study analysis report will be verbal. I often think of the things I buy and do in terms of how I can use them to shape a more unusual personal image. Titan, which was the market leader in the mid-price segment in India, felt that the upper end of their target customers was moving towards iconic global premium atudy. I will have more money to spend next year than I have now. India had 28 states and seven union territories with a population of A case study — is a worldwide used problem-solving method to analyze subject-related tasks.


The selling points were the status and xylyss that the brand denoted when worn by the owner; although aesthetic appeal and durability were important, precision and price were not. The sales figures by value for these sub-sectors for were INR 3, 46, and 6, million, respectively.

The mean values were the average of the same across all the respondents. While the brand may be positioned below Tissot or Xylys based on the observation of price points at retail outlets by one of the authorsthe brand is likely to be perceived as a brand with strong value given its heritage of technology and innovation.

Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Was it necessary to obtain some insights regarding the application of the uniqueness aspect to the self-perception of consumers? AdvertisingBrand Xylys case study solution.


Xylys case study analysis

Xylys was a premium Swiss-made watch brand from the house of Titan in India. I take a lot of time and effort to teach my children good habits. High-priced watches, with assured longevity, excellent workmanship, and good styling.

The name Xylys was designed to have only two syllables, a distinctive name in stuey. Luxury watches had a special appeal with regard to such an orientation among consumers.

xylys case study

I can only support those products that I am fully convinced about. Symbolic and lifestyle categories that were created in the last 20 years or so included apparel, watches, studh phones, portable music players such as iPods, cars, televisions, two-wheelers, and spectacles, to name a few socially conspicuous product categories; brands made use of such psychological needs of consumers to position themselves, with one category often competing with another.

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xylys case study

These associations were generally glamour, fashion, sports, and fun, and the intensity of these associations became pronounced depending on the respective segment toward which a brand was positioned. Did the buyers and prospective buyers of premium watches hold any specific stereotypical images of such watches?

How to cite this page Choose cite format: The other prominent brands in this space were Tissot, Seiko, and Citizen, in addition to fashion brands such as Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss.