I shut down, thinking my vow never to speak to him symbolized some sort of power over him, when really he was the one who had left the scene of the crime while I walked around the littered industrial streets of Chicago like an open wound. The high school kids, rowdy from dismissal, boarded in droves at each stop. There is only Lady Day. Brian Miller 13 January at But there is dis-ease in this transition too. I want to hear albums like Mingus and Hejira and feel something, but all I feel is my attention wandering. I knew the song from a mix CD that my first boyfriend had recently made for me.

My hunch about this book is this: We may be one of the only houses in America without a copy of Blue somewhere. I would tell myself that I was connected to her in a way that no other fan was. You are commenting using your Google account. I popped over from Brian’s blog. I haven’t listened to Blue in ages, but I will again now. Months before, he had broken his leg in a climbing accident, an injury that could have been avoided if he had used a landing pad.

Many thanks for your kind words. I know that I stole Portnoy’s liberties long ago. Likewise in my house, my parents played music mainly traditional Cuban music that was mainly uncomplicated and had a beat to it.

I actually prefer her songs best when they are sung with just acoustic guitar.

Zadie Smith–“Some Notes on Attunement” (New Yorker, December 17, ) | I Just Read About That

Ygraine 16 January at I’m always amazed at the emotions a song can stir. Blue is easy to listen to; its emotions resonate with us. Her characters run the gamut from aspirational working-class kids, self-important academics, pensioners, young dancers and, to date, one Chinese-Jewish Londoner with a fixation on Golden Age Hollywood. I suppose that many literary writers are skeptical or anxious about their chosen profession.


He was lithe, with amphibian limbs and caterpillar eyebrows.

Zadie Smith’s brilliance is on display in ‘Feel Free’

I loved her confessions about her relationship with her husband […]. A good deal of what remains, however, is smart and distinctive.

This essay and some of the others in Feel Free have that open-ended power. Just what the doctor ordered!

Regarding love, fandom and Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’

Pastiche melds the critic to the love object and creates intimate, meaning-driven analysis. My father, being a pianist with his own band when I was little, would segue from a piece by Chopin a composer with his own groove in my humble opinion to one by the late Cuban virtuoso Ernesto Lecuona seamlessly.

Hope you are having a great Sunday! Pat Hatt 14 January at Optimistic Existentialist 16 January at I thought my director was playing a cruel joke on me. I hated to admit it, but in some ways his death came as no surprise.

A recent, marvellously written essay by the US-based, British writer Zadie Smith had me reliving memories of how I discovered and became keen on rock in mid to late 80s Havana.


We readers should “feel free” to follow our own curiosities, pluck essays out of different sections and skim or skip others. But it was a little more self-congratulating than that. Rssay from Koni Beach. How artists are constantly evolving even though their fans want them to keep doing the same thing.

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zadie smiths essay on joni mitchell

Perhaps because heartache is so universal, many Joni Mitchell songs have mass appeal. I am beyond frustrated.

zadie smiths essay on joni mitchell

I went for a run once, thinking the rain would hold off. I find myself to be radically discontinuous with myself — but how does one re-create this principle in fiction? Sunday, 13 January Sunday Mornings: Nevertheless, her man-of-the-hour gets out his cane, Joni jonni on some silver, and the two of them play dress up for their short-lived affair.

zadie smiths essay on joni mitchell

Email required Address never made public. Daum once had the opportunity, over dinner in Hollywood, to tell Joni that she understood her music like no one else. Joni has a reputation for being a poet who wrote about deep, tangled emotions. The two of them hug before parting.